NFTyourCV: Earn money every time a prospective employer reads your CV

Without a doubt, NFTs have come a long way since the beginning of last year. Today, NFTs of all shapes and sizes are on the market. What’s more, even job seekers are turning their CVs into NFTs. The idea is quite simple and lucrative: you earn money every time a prospective employer reads your CV. Make money by converting your CV into NFTs

A new platform, called, is making this possible. The website allows job seekers to earn royalties by linking their CVs to a smart contract. Then, every time a recruiter pays to obtain the CV data, the job seeker earns royalty fees.

In a world where companies sell your data to the highest bidder, and where cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain are the future, your CV has become a unique, valuable and non-fungible commodity.

By converting your CV into an NFT and applying for jobs through blockchain technology, job seekers are earning cash royalties through the use of Blockchain Smart Contracts.

“This is just one of the many ways blockchain technology will change the way we do business and make people’s lives easier,” Sean Nugent, CEO of’s parent company, Blockchain Britain LTD. “Turning your CV into an NFT allows the creator of a CV to earn royalties in much the same way as an artist or musician would. It’s also a great new way for recruiters to attract the staff they need.”

Currently, job seekers can earn in sterling by converting their CVs into NFT. However, the platform will soon introduce a stablecoin to pay the fees.

Converting CVs to NFT is yet another example of the growing capabilities of NFT and blockchain technology in general. That said, will recruiters be open to going the NFT route? At least Alice Clarke, recruitment consultant at Locum Personnel, thinks so.

“Attracting staff has become really difficult lately,” she says. “So we’re very happy to advertise our positions on, as we know we’ll get a really good response from there.”

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