Revolutionizing Chess: Anichess Unleashes the Power of NFTs and Web3

Revolutionizing Chess: Anichess Unleashes the Power of NFTs and Web3

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Animoca Brands has teamed up with and the legendary Magnus Carlsen to unveil the future of chess – Anichess. This innovative project marries the timeless strategy of chess with cutting-edge blockchain technology, decentralization, and the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Genesis of Anichess

After a successful funding round that raised an impressive $1.5 million, Anichess has officially hit the gaming scene. With the support of and Magnus Carlsen, the game is now making waves in the chess community.

Anichess Gameplay: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Anichess stands out by transforming the classic royal game into a fully digital experience. The game introduces elements of spellcasting, a captivating fantasy storyline, and embraces the functionality of Web3. According to Yat Siu, co-founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, “Anichess revolutionizes the classic royal game.”

NFTs and Magical Spells: Unveiling the Orbs of Power

Anichess introduces a novel concept – the Orbs of Power. These NFTs add a magical twist to the chess experience. Players can collect these Orbs for free by connecting their crypto wallet to the game and completing daily puzzle challenges.

The Orbs come in various types, each associated with a different chess piece and element. From the “pawn of water” to the “king of aether,” these Orbs open doors to additional challenges and rewards. The integration of these unique elements sets Anichess apart from traditional chess games.

Ethereum Scaling Network: A Glimpse into the Future

The Orbs of Power made their debut on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon in August 2023. Since then, they have witnessed substantial trading activity, with over 33,700 MATIC (approximately $28,500) in total volume traded, as per OKX NFT data.

Moca ID Integration and Loyalty Platform

Anichess goes beyond the virtual chessboard by offering Moca ID integration. Players who have earned IDs from Animoca Brands’ “Mocaverse” loyalty platform can seamlessly integrate into the Anichess experience. This integration adds a layer of personalization, enhancing the overall gaming journey.

Anichess | Spell Chess Puzzles

The Mini Game: An Immersive Single-Player Chess Puzzle

Anichess introduces the “Mini Game,” a single-player chess puzzle that seamlessly blends classic chess moves with the captivating elements unique to Anichess. Users have the flexibility to log in through conventional methods or link their crypto wallets, with current support for MetaMask and WalletConnect.

The game unfolds as a story-based adventure, featuring the coveted “Orbs of Power.” These elements, representing Water, Fire, Storm, Earth, and Time, are presented as NFTs. Players can acquire these NFTs through gameplay or by purchasing them through OpenSea.

Upon entering the Mini Game, players receive a digital collectible gift, such as the “Pawn of Water.” This not only adds a personal touch but also enhances the immersive nature of the gaming experience. Anichess further provides a character guide, assisting players in mastering the fundamentals of chess within the unique Anichess universe.

Joining the Web3 Chess Revolution

Anichess aligns itself with the growing trend of integrating chess into the Web3 landscape. In 2021, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) took the pioneering step of introducing its NFT marketplace. ChessBase and have also ventured into the NFT space, signaling a broader industry shift towards blockchain technology.

Future Plans: PvP Gameplay and Tournaments

While the current version of Anichess offers a captivating single-player experience, the team behind the game has ambitious plans for the future. An online player-vs-player (PvP) mode is set to be added in Q1 2024, bringing a competitive edge to the Anichess community. Tournaments and player-versus-player gameplay are on the horizon, promising an exciting future for chess enthusiasts.


Anichess emerges as a trailblazer in the world of digital chess, fusing tradition with innovation. The game’s integration of NFTs, magical spells, and Web3 functionality sets it apart from conventional chess experiences. As it continues to evolve, Anichess promises a refreshing and immersive chess journey for players worldwide.


Q1: What makes Anichess different from traditional chess games?

Anichess transcends the boundaries of traditional chess by infusing magical spells, a captivating fantasy storyline, and embracing Web3 functionality. It revolutionizes the classic game, offering a fresh and immersive experience.

Q2: How do I obtain the Orbs of Power in Anichess?

Players can acquire the enchanting Orbs of Power by connecting their crypto wallet to the game and completing daily puzzle challenges. These NFTs, associated with different chess pieces and elements, add a magical twist to the chess journey.

Q3: Tell me more about the Moca ID integration in Anichess.

Anichess goes beyond the chessboard by integrating Moca ID from Animoca Brands’ “Mocaverse” loyalty platform. This personalization enhances the overall gaming experience, creating a unique and tailored journey for each player.

Q4: What is the significance of the Mini Game in Anichess?

The Mini Game in Anichess is a single-player chess puzzle that seamlessly blends classic moves with Anichess elements. It serves as an immersive adventure, offering players digital collectible gifts and a character guide to master the fundamentals of chess within the Anichess universe.

Q5: How can I participate in player-vs-player (PvP) gameplay in Anichess?

While the initial release focuses on a single-player experience, Anichess plans to introduce an online player-vs-player (PvP) mode in Q1 2024. Stay tuned for the competitive edge and exciting tournaments coming to the Anichess community.

Q6: Can I use conventional login methods in Anichess?

Absolutely! Anichess provides flexibility by allowing users to log in using conventional methods such as Google, while also offering the option to link their crypto wallets. The game currently supports MetaMask and WalletConnect.

Q7: What are the future plans for Anichess?

Anichess has ambitious plans for the future, including the addition of player-vs-player (PvP) gameplay and tournaments. The game aims to continue evolving, promising a dynamic and engaging chess experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Q8: How has Anichess contributed to the Web3 chess revolution?

Anichess aligns with the growing trend of integrating chess into the Web3 landscape. By incorporating decentralization technology, tokenization, and NFTs, Anichess taps into the opportunities offered by Web3 technologies while preserving the essence of the traditional game.

Q9: Can I trade the Orbs of Power on external platforms?

Yes, players have the option to trade their collected Orbs of Power on external platforms like OpenSea. The trading activity on Ethereum scaling network Polygon has already seen significant volume, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Anichess experience.

Q10: How can I stay updated on Anichess developments?

For the latest updates and exciting developments in the world of Anichess, be sure to follow the official channels of Animoca Brands,, and Magnus Carlsen. Join the Anichess community for a front-row seat to the evolution of digital chess.

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