Chiru Labs, creator of Azuki NFT, introduces physical products inspired by Beanz NFT

Chiru Labs, creator of Azuki NFT, introduces physical products inspired by Beanz NFT

In the dynamic world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Chiru Labs, the brilliant minds behind the Azuki NFT collection, are transcending the digital space to introduce a captivating range of physical merchandise inspired by the Beanz collection. This groundbreaking move, in collaboration with IPX, the intellectual property company overseeing the beloved LINE Friends characters, is set to make waves on January 11.

Collaboration with IPX: Breaking the Digital Barriers

Chiru Labs took to Twitter on January 5 to announce their exciting collaboration with IPX, signaling a convergence of digital and physical creativity. IPX, renowned as the holding entity for LINE Friends, adds an extra layer of charm to this venture, promising a blend of innovative design and beloved characters.

Dive into the Collection: A Feast for Fans

The physical items unveiled in this collection are nothing short of spectacular. Fans can anticipate the release of a limited edition “Brown x Beanz” hooded figurine, a sleek black tumbler, and an adorable “Kay & Jelly” keyring. The pricing strategy reflects Chiru Labs’ commitment to making these tangible pieces accessible, with the figurine priced at $90, the tumbler at $27, and the keyring at $14.

Mark Your Calendars: January 11th Beckons

Anticipation builds as the collection is set to drop on January 11, exclusively on the LINE Friends Collection website. This platform, already showcasing various products from LINE Friends collections, including popular ones like BT21 and NEWJEANS, is the perfect stage for the grand reveal.

History of Collaboration: A Testament to Innovation

This collaboration isn’t the first dance between Chiru Labs and IPX. The initial announcement back in April 2023 hinted at the possibility of Beanz NFTs expanding beyond the digital frontier. This move mirrors the trend of NFT projects broadening their horizons, seeking to enhance fan experiences by bringing digital creations into the physical world.

Following Industry Trends: NFTs in the Physical Realm

Chiru Labs and IPX are not alone in this venture. The NFT space has witnessed a surge in projects venturing into the tangible realm to strengthen the connection with their communities. Axie Infinity, in November 2023, opened an official merchandise store, providing exclusive privileges to NFT holders and contributing a portion of profits to the community treasury. Similarly, Pudgy Penguins NFT characters transformed into physical toys, gracing the shelves of 2,000 Walmart stores across the United States in September 2023.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital experiences, these moves highlight the desire to create a tangible, real-world presence for NFT enthusiasts.


In a bold step towards bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms, Chiru Labs and IPX present a collection that goes beyond the screen. The Beanz NFT-inspired physical merchandise is not just an accessory; it’s an embodiment of the passion and creativity fueling the NFT community. As January 11 approaches, fans eagerly await the opportunity to own a piece of this groundbreaking collaboration.


How can I purchase the Beanz NFT-inspired physical merchandise?

The collection will be available exclusively on the LINE Friends Collection website starting January 11.

Are there any exclusive privileges for Azuki NFT holders?

Currently, there is no information about exclusive privileges for Azuki NFT holders in relation to this collaboration.

What makes the “Brown x Beanz” hooded figurine limited edition?

The “Brown x Beanz” hooded figurine is limited edition, adding a touch of exclusivity to this unique piece of merchandise.

Will there be more collaborations between Chiru Labs and IPX in the future?

The future collaborations between Chiru Labs and IPX remain uncertain, but the history of collaboration suggests potential future ventures.

Can I find other LINE Friends collections on the LINE Friends Collection website?

Yes, the website features various products from different LINE Friends collections, offering a diverse range of merchandise.

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