World of Women x The Fabricant launch Metaverse Outfits for WoW Holders


World of Women has just released 3D versions of WoW costumes designed by The Fabricant to all its holders. The two brands announced their partnership earlier this month. In fact, both projects have co-founders and are united in their mission to bring more women into the Web3 space.

World Of Women x The Fabricant: Meet the metaverse outfits

Through its exclusive partnership with World of Women, The Fabricant has turned the collection’s 27 original features into 3D metaverse sets.

Based on the original WoW features, The Fabricant has reimagined the outfits in 3D from shoulder to toe. The result is stunning, highly detailed, full-body suits.

In a surprise move, WoW airdropped the outfits to WoW holders based on the NFT they had.

“WoW holders, check your wallets!” wrote World of Women on Twitter yesterday. “We just airdropped 3D versions of your WoW outfits designed by The Fabricant – which ones are your favorites?”

Soon, Twitter was flooded with tweets and images from excited WoW owners. Many shared images of the gorgeous costumes they received.

“I love that my @worldofwomennft is essentially a superheroine in this @the_fab_ric_ant costume,” tweeted Gailforce.eth. “I always thought she looked pretty badass.” Her WoW costume, in black and white, is called “Checkmate.”

Another WoW holder, Paul, called the outfit “amazing.” He added, “I love this fashion piece to go with my WoW.”

Fabricant CEO Kerry Murphy also shared his WoW attire with a 1970s shirt. He’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt with yellow and orange flowers.

There’s more in the association

The launch of the World Of Women x The Fabricant metaverse outfit is just the beginning of their amazing partnership. In fact, the entire collection will be available at The Fabricant Studio next month.

The digital fashion house has invited all WoW holders and web3 female communities to customize a unique 1-in-1 piece. They will be able to use different digital materials created by the community to craft their own outfits.

But that’s not all. The two leading Web3 brands will also host a fashion party at Decentraland in June. Then, on May 5, the two will host a Twitch broadcast, followed by a Twitter slot on May 13. At the end of June, community members will also be able to join an actual event at NFT NYC.

Founded in 2018, The Fabricant is the world’s first digital-only fashion house. The digital fashion house’s mission is to create a sustainable, decentralized and equitable fashion world.

As part of this mission, it recently launched its Digital Design Studio, which allows anyone to become a fashion designer. To explain, the studio gives creators all the tools they need to become digital fashion designers in their own right.

“It incentivizes creative participation in a way that allows everyone to benefit financially,” Michaela Larosse, the firm’s head of Creative Strategy and Communications, told us in a recent interview. “It’s really thinking about a new fashion system in terms of passivity, equity and building a whole new fashion economy.”

About The Fabricant

The Fabricant is a decentralized digital fashion house that builds “the closet of the metaverse.” This is through their NFT co-creation platform, The Fabricant Studio. Since 2018, they have been innovating at the intersection of fashion, gaming and blockchain.

To clarify, it creates NFT digital collectibles and collaborates with fashion and entertainment brands to bring them into the 3D digital fashion space. So far, she has worked with Adidas, Off-White, Napapijri, Puma, and gaming platforms like Epic Games, The Sandbox, and more.

About World of Women

World of Women has absolutely proven to be one of the leaders in the NFT space. Absolutely being the leader in women-led projects. WoW, as they are often referred to, is a community that celebrates representation, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all. This is a 10,000 piece NFT collection, with a minimum price of 7.2 ETH. This has certainly put itself in the blue-chip category since its launch in July 2021.

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