Diesel announces collaboration with Hape to launch NFT Collection


Global fashion and lifestyle brand Diesel continues its foray into web3. Currently, through the partnership with the HAPE NFT project.

Details of the Diesel Collection with Hape

The upcoming NFT collection is a joint creation of Diesel creative director Glenn Martens and HAPE founder and creator Digimental.

The collection will feature Diesel Genesis Hape, Diesel’s ambassador in the Hape community, as the brand image and is scheduled to launch in 2023.

The partnership is beneficial for both fashion and the web3 brand. This collaboration with Diesel signifies the strengthening of its position in the digital and NFT realm, while HAPE uses Diesel’s big name to root itself deeper in the web3 fashion space.

“Technology is an crucial aspect for new generations in defining their persona and the manner they relate to each different. We need style to be greater open and innovative,” stated Stefano Rosso, CEO of BVX OTB Group.

The collection created by Diesel creative director Glenn Martens and Hape founder and developer Matt Sypien (@DigimentalLDN) will include digital collectibles that will bring real, digital value to both fashion and Web3 lovers.

According to Rosso, fans can expect the future Diesel and HAPE NFT collection to also offer the limited edition of the legendary 1DR POD crossbody bag.

In addition, holders will be able to access exclusive events and other community-focused utilities.

This NFT Digimental collection states that the partnership aims to build the future of digital fashion, pushing other web2 and web3 brands towards a shared creative vision and community building.

For now, no details have been announced about the official minting date, or other specifics, other than the Twitter Spaces, hosted by both co-founders on January 25 at 12 am EST.

With this partnership, Diesel joins the growing number of fashion brands that are embracing Web3 to modernize the industry and make it more sustainable and accessible.

As part of the Web3 fashion revolution, users will be able to equip their avatars with digital garments or use AR technology to express themselves on social networks, allowing them to define their identities and personalities on the Internet as well.

The future of Web3 fashion

Web3 fashion is a trend that is expected to expand and gain traction; according to a recent analysis by the Chalhoub Group, metaverse fashion and luxury shopping will be worth $50 billion by 2030.

Digimental showed its enthusiasm for this brand new collaboration, stating that Diesel reflects the strategic approach of bridging Web2 and Web3 brands to innovate together.

At the same time, this initiative aims to bring new experiences and opportunities to both consumers and brands.

Earlier this year, Diesel launched an NFT fashion collection called “D:VERSE” on Rarible.

With this upcoming NFT launch, Diesel will undoubtedly attract more customers with its new offerings and additional benefits.

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