SeatlabNFT partners with Everything in Sport

SeatlabNFT has partnered with international sports organization Everything in Sport (EIS) to provide NFT with ticketing and airdrop functionality for the women’s edition of its renowned conference in London next year.

Everything in Sport is a global brand of senior sports executives and decision makers from around the world. Its goal is to create a network of relationships that unites the sport and business communities to achieve their goals.

The event, which will be held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, England’s third largest soccer ground, will be ticketed by SeatlabNFT and will be one of the world’s first NFT ticketed conferences.

The upcoming EIS Women’s Edition will feature more than 80 speakers from leading organizations around the world, including Kelly Simmons OBE, who oversees the Barclays Women’s Super League, the FA Women’s Championship, the FA Women’s National League and the Women’s Pyramid of Football.

Alongside Kelly Simmons, representatives from big names such as Under Armour, BBC Sport, Talk Sport, the England and Wales Cricket Board and many more will discuss inclusion and representation in women’s sport.

SeatlabNFT will be handling ticket sales for the event and will offer attendees unprecedented access to conference speakers. Using the airdrop functionality of their platform, they will send virtual business cards to all attendees attending the talks.

SeatlabNFT partners with Everything in Sport

A new event experience

SeatlabNFT is designed to offer ticket holders a new level of experience at the events they attend.

With NFT tickets, they can offer sports fans attending the conference unprecedented access to the industry-leading speakers who will be speaking at the event.

The EIS is a magnet for some of the biggest brands in the sports world. SeatlabNFT will allow attendees to connect with influential speakers and industry leaders from these brands through NFT and in-app communications, revolutionizing the B2B conference experience.

While most of SeatlabNFT’s live event work is focused on the entertainment sector, NFT ticket sales could transform the world of b2b conferences.

Bringing industry titans together

The association is creating a space where the biggest names in women’s sports come together to share their experiences of working in the sector and network with leading industry figures.

Speakers at the women’s edition of Everything in Sport next March include Jenny Mitton, Director of M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment, Lorin Hamlin, Director of Open Innovation at Under Armour, Kelly Simmons, Director of the FA Women’s Professional Game, among others.

Power Play, the future

A very exciting part of the EIS is Power Play “The Future.”

Power Play will be part of the conference to promote the use of new technologies in sport. The founders will have the opportunity to present their ideas and projects to a group of investors and industry experts, in an attempt to make themselves known and establish contacts in the world of sport.

SeatlabNFT is aware of the importance of supporting early stage projects and is proud to be part of an initiative that gives the management teams of sports technology companies the opportunity to connect with institutional and private investors, as well as the investment arms of leading sports technology companies.

New generation of ticketing

NFT ticketing is also a vital step for sports, as ticket fraud in the sports industry remains a major problem for many of the largest organizations.

Partnering with EIS is an excellent opportunity to showcase the fraud prevention and anti-fraud capabilities of NFT ticketing technology to an industry that could benefit greatly from it.

The future of events

SeatlabNFT is enabling a whole new kind of event experience, all through its NFT ticketing platform. Their goal is to offer event tickets that connect attendees with the people they pay for.

The NFT ticketing startup says it is excited to work with Everything in Sport to show industry leaders the benefits of NFT ticketing for all types of events.

About SeatlabNFT

SeatlabNFT is an event ticketing company that is redefining how they operate. Using NFT tickets, they connect fans with amazing experiences, enabling new networking opportunities and ending ticketing fraud. Smart contracts on their platform will enable artists and event creators to generate revenue from secondary ticket sales, while significantly reducing the impact of resale.

About Everything In Sport

Everything In Sport is a conference for senior sports executives and decision makers from around the world. They create business relationships for sports and commercial enterprises to achieve their common goals.

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