NoMo SoHo is the first U.S. Hotel to offer Reservations through NFTs

300 NFTs combined with hotel stays will be launched, with additional perks for shoppers


New York’s NoMo SoHo is the first U.S. hotel to offer room bookings through NFTs, according to a Robb Report exclusive. Using SolidBlock’s platform and technology, the hotel is offering a selection of specially selected NFTs with stays ranging from three to six nights.

NoMo SoHo’s NFTStays

Dubbed NFTStays, the three- or six-night NFT packages include additional perks such as a complimentary daily continental breakfast, turndown service and late checkout.

Only 300 NFTStays will be available for sale, starting at 0.41 ETH for the three-night package (Sunday through Tuesday). There is also the 3-night package (all week) at 0.52 ETH and the six-night package (all week) at 0.97 ETH. NFTStays can be purchased from OpenSea.

Eager to jump on the NFT bandwagon, hotel brands such as Marriot, Villa Natura in Ibiza and the 5-star luxury Hotel Cà di Dio in Venice have launched NFT programs.

Marriot Bonvoy introduced NFTs at last year’s Art Basel Miami fair, which unlocked original art pieces and 200,000 Bonvoy points, while Villa Natura launched its first NFT booking last year. Next, Hotel Cà di Dio launched an NFT auction for the first night at the hotel last August.

“The market has started to filter between offers that are maybe very virtual and those that actually bring something to them,” Sharon Raz, CEO of Sapir Corp, which owns NoMo, told Robb Report.

With the purchase of NFTStays, guests can choose from a range of dates for their hotel stay. Raz believes that with NFT’s bookings, both NoMo SoHo and NFT’s buyers win, as the hotel gets to fill its reservations early and guests can secure competitive pricing at a time when New York hotel rates are rising.

Raz stresses that NFTStays will be almost like a membership club, where an exclusive group of people will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with booking rooms through NFTs. He expects NFTStays to attract clientele from the crypto community.

“I think the cryptocurrency people, the crypto community, will now look at NoMo differently, or as a better option, when considering options in New York,” he told Robb Report.

Raz wants Sapir to be at the forefront of using NFTs to disrupt the real estate and hospitality industries. If NoMo’s first installment of NFTs works well, more packages with expanded offerings could be launched in the future.

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