NFT Fantasy Soccer Games Launching in US and Canada Thanks to LaLiga-GameOn Deal

NFT Fantasy Soccer Games Launching in US and Canada Thanks to LaLiga-GameOn Deal

Football fans in the US and Canada are set to level up their fandom with the creation of NFT-based fantasy soccer games through a new partnership between fantasy sports platform GameOn and Spain’s premier league, LaLiga.

Announced on September 14th, 2022, the deal sees GameOn leveraging its web3 gaming expertise to develop games utilizing LaLiga assets like official teams, players, and match data. This marks a major milestone as traditional sports leagues begin embracing web3 engagement.

Immersive New Era of Fantasy Soccer

In the press release, GameOn CEO Matt Bailey stated the partnership “signals a new era for GameOn” in innovating sports fan experiences through blockchain gaming.

The upcoming titles promise to immerse fans in soccer gameplay like never before. Gamers can build squads featuring official LaLiga star players, customize gear and abilities, and compete in various modes mirroring real-life matches.

Live Fantasy mode will let fans draft a new team every week to score points based on real-time performance data. In PvP Battles, managers go head-to-head to prove their skills. And in Quests, users undertake challenges to earn rewards.

Prizes and Perks for Superfans

succeeding in the new games won’t just bring bragging rights. Fans can win tangible prizes like signed merch, exclusive tickets, meet-and-greet opportunities, and even cash.

LaLiga will further hype the launch through heavy promotion across its website, social media, email, and during live events. The games present new avenues for LaLiga’s global fanbase of over 200 million to engage with their favorite clubs and players.

GameOn Fuels Web3 Fan Engagement

As a publicly traded gaming company, GameOn specializes in building NFT, predictive gaming, and fantasy products to deepen fan engagement.

Their tools allow partners like LaLiga to maximize monetization while providing new web3 experiences for loyal supporters. GameOn handles everything from NFT creation through minting and game development.

The company has already partnered with major brands like NBCUniversal, the NBA, NFL, and more to launch digital collectibles and gaming integrations. Per CEO Bailey, the LaLiga deal exemplifies GameOn’s focus on profitable partnerships with premier sports leagues.

LaLiga’s Global Reach

Through joint venture LaLiga North America, the league gains exclusive commercial representation in the lucrative US and Canadian markets, as well as Mexico.

LaLiga operates multiple popular competitions, including the 20 team LaLiga Santander and 22 team LaLiga SmartBank. With broadcast reach exceeding 2.8 billion people worldwide in over 180 countries, their global footprint provides massive exposure for new gaming titles.

Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America, touted GameOn’s ability to let fans engage with the league at new levels. As major sports embrace web3 and gaming, expect more immersive experiences like this to emerge.


The GameOn-LaLiga partnership powerfully combines mainstream sports fandom with the possibilities of blockchain gaming. Fans can engage with their favorite teams and players through digital assets and customized experiences reflecting their loyalty and team preferences.

As gaming, esports and crypto adoption continue proliferating, traditional leagues must keep pace by offering supporters modern digital options. NFT games create new revenue streams while providing greater value and exclusivity than generic fantasy sports apps.

The deal signals the coming convergence of sports, media, crypto and gaming sectors. More immersive web3 integrations will soon become standard across franchises seeking to deepen bonds with digitally native supporters through play-to-earn experiences.

LaLiga’s vast international prestige and resources combined with GameOn’s gaming expertise makes this collaboration set to score big with North American soccer aficionados.


What does this partnership between GameOn and LaLiga aim to create?

NFT-based fantasy soccer games for fans in the US and Canada featuring official LaLiga teams, players, matches and data.

What types of game modes will be included?

Live Fantasy, PvP Battles, Quest Challenges, and more designed to immerse fans in soccer gameplay.

Can users win real prizes through the games?

Yes, prizes like signed merchandise, event tickets, player meet-and-greets, and cash rewards.

How will LaLiga promote the new games?

Through promotions at live events, on their website, social media, email, apps and other channels.

What does GameOn specialize in building?

NFT, predictive gaming, and fantasy sports products for fan engagement.

Does LaLiga have rights in the US and Canada?

Yes, through joint venture LaLiga North America they have exclusive commercial rights in those markets.

How large is LaLiga’s global fanbase?

Over 200 million fans across 17 platforms and 2.8 billion in broadcast reach.

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