Diesel Launches Futuristic “Metamorph” NFT Series

Diesel Launches Futuristic “Metamorph” NFT Series

Iconic fashion brand Diesel is expanding its presence in the metaverse by launching an NFT collection titled “Metamorph” featuring original music and generative artwork. The 300-piece collection exemplifies Diesel’s Web3 innovation and commitment to merging physical and digital experiences.

Diesel Deepens Web3 Involvement With New NFT Drop

On September 13th, 2022, Diesel released its latest NFT drop dubbed “Metamorph” in partnership with digital culture platform Public Pressure. This marks Diesel’s third NFT collection to date as the brand continues pushing boundaries in the metaverse.

The Metamorph series contains 300 limited-edition animated NFTs minted on the eco-friendly Polygon and Polkadot blockchains. The NFTs are priced at $60 each and come with utilities that blend fashion, music, and technology.

Diesel’s previous successful NFT drops with Public Pressure sold out rapidly, generating significant revenue for associated artists. The Metamorph collection builds on this momentum.

Distinctive Music and Artwork Define Metamorph NFTs

A key component of Metamorph’s appeal lies in the original music and generative art incorporated into each NFT.

The soundtrack is crafted by renowned composer Senjan Jansen, known for producing music for Diesel’s live fashion shows. His audio works seamlessly react and transform based on interactions.

Visually striking generative artwork comes from new media collective Artificial Rome. Their contributions make each NFT iteration unique using algorithmically generated elements.

By pairing these creative talents, Diesel delivers an immersive digital experience that every owner can treasure.

Engaging the Web3 Community Through NFT Utilities

In addition to the integrated music and artwork, Metamorph NFT holders gain access to exclusive utilities and perks spanning digital and physical realms.

Owners become part of an exclusive club granting them entry to “phygital” events and activations. These special member benefits keep the community engaged while expanding Diesel’s audience.

Past Diesel NFTs unlocked similar perks like limited-edition physical products. However, Metamorph represents an evolution in scope and ambition of these utility-driven drops.

Diesel Fashion Setting Pace as Web3 Trailblazer

For Diesel, ventures like Metamorph symbolize a commitment to the bleeding edge of technological innovation in the fashion world.

Diesel founded its own NFT platform D:VERSE in early 2022 to spearhead its entrance into Web3 and the metaverse. This built the foundation for partnerships with communities like HAPE and Public Pressure.

In announcing Metamorph, Diesel leadership emphasized their focus on exploring intersections between fashion and technology through bold projects.

They aim to not just participate in the metaverse but help architect it by funding artists, developing platforms like D:VERSE, and educating partners. Diesel is quickly becoming a Web3 leader.

Record Label Backing Signifies Mainstream Stamp of Approval

Diesel’s prominent partnership with music metaverse Public Pressure further validates the mainstream business viability of NFTs.

Public Pressure is a subsidiary of esteemed jazz label Blue Note Records under parent company Universal Music Group. Their collaboration with Diesel brings heavyweight music industry endorsement.

It also expands Public Pressure’s mission to empower artists through blockchain technology and transform conventions of the record business. Aligning with culturally relevant brands like Diesel will accelerate adoption among creators.

Response to Metamorph Presages Future of Hybrid Experiences

According to Public Pressure CEO Giulia Maresca, past Diesel NFT drops with their platform sold out within 24 hours. The collections generated more revenue for artists than millions of song streams.

This enthusiastic community reception for digital/physical hybrids highlights the vast appetite for experiential ownership enabled by NFTs. As adoption grows, expect more brands to follow Diesel’s model.

For forward-thinking companies, navigating this new paradigm is imperative for engaging digitally native generations. Diesel is blazing the trail of what’s possible.


With ventures like Metamorph, Diesel cement themselves at the vanguard of integrating metaverse experiences into the fashion world. Their commitment to leveraging technologies like NFTs and blockchain opens new dimensions for community interaction and ownership.

Diesel isn’t merely dipping their toes into the metaverse – they are diving headfirst into its endless possibilities. By platforming digital artists and delivering virtual utilities, Diesel is redefining modern community engagement. Their leadership foreshadows a hybrid physical/digital future where brands must meet audiences across both planes.

As Diesel pushes boundaries, they set an example for fashion labels globally to embrace the metaverse and place community at the heart of their Web3 strategy. For an industry where connection and culture drive everything, Diesel recognizes NFTs’ immense potential to transform relationships and fuel creativity like never before.


How many NFTs are in the Metamorph collection?

There are 300 limited-edition NFTs in the Metamorph collection by Diesel.

What blockchains are the Metamorph NFTs minted on?

The NFTs are minted on eco-friendly Polygon and Polkadot blockchains.

What is the Metamorph NFT purchase price?

Each Metamorph NFT is priced at $60.

What special perks do Metamorph NFT owners receive?

Owners gain access to exclusive phygital events and other benefits as part of the Diesel community.

Who created the music and art for the NFTs?

Music is by Senjan Jansen and art is by collective Artificial Rome.

What Diesel initiatives preceded this NFT drop?

Diesel founded NFT platform D:VERSE and did collections with HAPE and Public Pressure.

How quickly have past Diesel NFT drops sold out?

Previous Public Pressure drops sold out fully within 24 hours.

Why is this significant for mainstream adoption?

Major label Universal Music’s involvement via subsidiary Public Pressure brings significant endorsement.

How does this collection benefit digital artists?

Artists earn revenue from secondary sales plus exposure to new audiences.

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