Casio Sets Sights on NFTs and the Metaverse With New Trademark Filing

Casio Sets Sights on NFTs and the Metaverse With New Trademark Filing

Renowned watchmaker Casio took a major step towards embracing Web3 technologies by filing a new trademark application covering virtual goods, NFTs, and metaverse services.

The trademark filing signals Casio’s strategic ambitions to enter the burgeoning digital asset space as luxury brands increasingly eye opportunities in blockchain-powered experiences.

Overview of Casio’s Trademark Application

On August 22, 2022 Casio filed a comprehensive trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) outlining plans to offer:

  • Virtual watch designs, clothing, and accessories
  • Digital hairstyles and avatar animations
  • NFT authenticated images, videos, and audio
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality content
  • Software for managing virtual goods and digital currencies

The filings cover a wide range of potential digital assets, virtual experiences, and metaverse activations.

Aligns With Watch Industry Web3 Moves

Casio’s trademark application mirrors similar filings by other major watchmakers:

  • Rolex filed for trademarks on NFT and metaverse products and services in November 2022.
  • Hublot recently collaborated with Takashi Murakami on a collection of watches tied to NFTs.
  • Timex partnered with Daz 3D to offer watches with complementary NFT designs.

As luxury and fashion brands enter the metaverse, watchmakers are determining how to embrace virtual experiences while retaining their signature branding.

Forays into Digital Collectibles and Experiences

Specifically, Casio’s filings signal aspirations to explore:

NFT Digital Collectibles

Potential for limited edition watch NFTs or other branded virtual goods protected by blockchain-backed scarcity.

Virtual Fashion and Avatar Customization

Apparel, accessories, and style options for avatars in metaverse environments and games.

Interactive Brand Experiences

Leveraging AR, VR, and 3D virtual spaces to create immersive branded worlds.

Web3 Rewards Programs

Offering real watch owners and brand devotees exclusive NFTs and metaverse perks.

These Web3 activations can complement Casio’s tactile real-world products while attracting digital native audiences.

Watches as Fashion, Utility, and Status

For a legacy brand like Casio, the metaverse represents a new frontier to reinforce what makes watches valued possessions beyond just their utility.

Through virtual scarce digital designs, social experiences, and links to real-world utility, watches can carry their significance into the digital realm via:

  • Exclusive digital fashion flexes
  • Expressing identity and style virtually
  • Showcasing group affiliation or NFT community membership
  • Tying digital ownership to physical watch benefits
  • Cementing watches as digital status symbols

The possibilities span both virtual self-expression and practical utility.


Casio’s trademark application highlights proactive awareness from a legacy brand in getting ahead of Web3 curves. Watches sit at the intersection of fashion, technology, and functionality – all themes carrying into the metaverse.

By beginning to envision its future Web3 presence, Casio can craft immersive digital experiences that strategically perpetuate its authority in blending technical innovation with fashionable style.

This ensures the company keeps pace with changing consumer attitudes and preferences around digital ownership, social experiences, and self-expression. As the watch industry converges with blockchain technology, expect pioneers like Casio to lead the pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Casio file trademark applications for?

Virtual watches, accessories, clothing, NFTs, VR/AR content, and metaverse software tools.

Why are watch brands getting into NFTs?

To offer digital scarce collectibles and branded experiences for Web3-savvy consumers.

What types of metaverse activations could Casio pursue?

Virtual stores, customizable avatars, AR content, limited NFT watches, branded games, etc.

How can watches retain value in virtual worlds?

Through exclusive digital designs, community benefits, tie-ins with physical watches, status symbols, and self-expression.

Will Casio still manufacture physical watches?

Absolutely – the virtual initiatives complement rather than replace their tangible watch craftsmanship.

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