Adidas unveiled Web3 “Residency” program to empower NFT artists

Adidas unveiled Web3 "Residency" program to empower NFT artists

Sportswear giant Adidas recently unveiled an innovative residency program to nurture Web3 creators. The initiative aims to develop artist-driven NFTs and digital products.

Dubbed “Residency by Adidas”, it’s part of the company’s Three Stripes Studio division launched earlier this year. The program will host diverse global digital artists to collaborate on crossover physical and digital works.

These artists will also be key in releasing exclusive NFT art drops, including limited editions.

Inaugural Sale Launches at Conference

The first Residency sale debuts September 6th at the Korean Blockchain Week conference in Seoul. It will feature four NFT artworks co-created by Adidas with the initial participating artists.

These include anonymous Tokyo artist MonkeeMoto and Lebanese creator Adra Kandi, known as Dear Nostalgia. Each artist contributed 100 pieces to the 200 item sale.

The conference-exclusive NFTs cost 0.15 ETH (around $250) each. Buyers also receive a hoodie sporting the Three Stripes Studio logo.

Blending Digital and Physical

Stacey King, Three Stripes Studio’s head of communications, expressed excitement about engaging Web3 artists. She said past open edition NFT releases strengthened the commitment.

The residency focuses on merging digital, physical, and connected releases. This aligns with the ongoing “ALTS by Adidas” program enabling NFT holders to redeem perks.

But the residency remains separate from ALTS. It provides another avenue to access tangible goods paired with NFTs.

Rivals Nike and Puma have also embraced Web3, eyeing sneakers as a key culture-crossing category. Fostering digital artists and “co-creation” have become important themes.

Adidas Active in Web3

This isn’t Adidas’ first Web3 foray. Last month it partnered with BAPE on an NFT-powered sneaker drop celebrating BAPE’s anniversary.

In June, Adidas collaborated with artist Fewocious on NFT-gated shoes. The brand unveiled the third phase of its metaverse strategy in April, involving trading NFTs for access to more.


With its new artist-centric residency program, Adidas signals a commitment to the Web3 creative community. The initiative provides opportunities for digital artists while allowing Adidas to release coveted limited NFT art.

Blending digital and physical through art and products, the residency represents an innovative model for brands exploring Web3. As the first sale kicks off, excitement builds around the collaborations to come.

FAQs About the Adidas NFT Residency

Who can participate in the residency program?

Global digital artists working in Web3 can potentially collaborate with Adidas through the residency initiative.

What will the artist residency produce?

The collaborations aim to generate exclusive NFT art releases, digital products, and physical items connected to NFT ownership.

How is this different from Adidas’ ALTS program?

The residency focuses purely on nurturing artists and co-creation rather than only offering NFT holder rewards.

When will the NFT art from the first sale be revealed?

The inaugural drop will debut at the Korean Blockchain Week conference on September 6th.

What other brands are exploring NFT art residencies?

Rivals Nike and Puma have also announced plans around co-creation with digital artists and fostering Web3 talent.

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