Doodles announces NFT Dooplicator arriving this week


This week, the major NFTs collection Doodles will be dropping a new free claim NFT, the Dooplicator. Doodles announced in a tweet that all Doodles NFT holders will be able to claim their new special collectible on Thursday, May 12.

Doodles Launches Dooplicator NFTs

Doodles tweeted the news of the Dooplicator NFTs last week, on May 6. Indeed, it’s been an eye-popping couple of weeks for one of the most beloved NFT projects in history.

On May 6, Doodles revealed that it had hired former Billboard president Julian Holguin to be its new CEO. Doodles then immediately referred to the next phase of the project. Specifically, he mentioned in the tweet, “Innovative projects, transformative partnerships and a full unveiling of our vision and roadmap.”

Could the new NFTs downgrade lead to licensed derivatives?

It’s clear that Dooplicator NFTs are an important part of Doodles’ next phase. To that end, Doodles describes Dooplicators as “a functional piece of doodling machinery with extraordinary powers.”

Although Doodles has not yet provided any further details about how the NFTs work, we can make a good guess. Obviously, both the name and the gif attached to the tweet suggest that these NFTs will make it easier for Doodles holders to be able to clone their NFTs in some way.

One popular theory about Doodles’ future plans involved Doodles selling licensed derivatives on behalf of the holders. Perhaps this is the role that Doodles will play in the project ecosystem.

Some holders and viewers commented with concern that such a move could dilute the original collection. However, the reaction to the announcement was generally very positive.

Doodles is one of the few NFT PFP projects that have established themselves in the market

The Dooplicator news is yet another feather in the cap of what is one of the favorite projects in the NFT space. In fact, Doodles is part of the list of NFT PFP collections that have gained significant value over time.

While the entire NFT market is going through a significant rough patch, Doodles, along with other top NFT projects, has weathered the storm for the most part. As an example, NFT Price Floor data shows that Doodles’ floor price has experienced a significant upward trend since the project’s launch late last year. Furthermore, Doodles’ floor may have dropped in the last seven days, but it still stands at an impressive 19 ETH.

All things considered, it seems that Doodles’ Dooplicator NFT drop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the NFT project’s ambitious 2022 roadmap. For example, we’re likely to see some big news yet to come from Doodles’ partnership with Shopify.

This one-of-a-kind NFT collection continues to push boundaries and experiment. For that reason, the Dooplicator drop will certainly be one to watch.

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