Asia Tigers Club NFTs offer their Holders exclusive benefits in The Sandbox’s Mini Macau

Asia Pioneer Entertainment has announced the launch of Asia Tigers Club NFTs, which offer their holders exclusive benefits in The Sandbox’s Mini Macau.

Asia Tigers Club NFTs – Added benefits in The Sandbox’s Mini Macau

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Asia Tigers Club is a project of NFTs of PFPs consisting of 8,800 unique PFPs. In addition, the pre-launch will begin at the end of May, and will be available for purchase through its official website.

Asia Tigers Club NFT holders will get exclusive benefits on The Sandbox‘s Mini Macau game, which will be released around June. In addition, Asia Tigers NFT collectors will receive tokens from Asia Pioneer Entertainment’s upcoming metaverse, Resortverse. Also, holders will be able to redeem tokens for real travel, hospitality, entertainment and dining experiences in Macau and throughout Asia.

Meanwhile, Portuguese artist Pedro Lourenço developed the Asia Tiger Club artwork using traditional Chinese ink drawings and generative art techniques. In addition, the tiger theme represents Asia and embodies spirit, strength, adaptability and determination.

APE Holdings CFO and CEO Tony Chan stated that this is one of Macau NFT‘s first major projects to “create a community of digital art collectors” and link them “to travel and leisure in Macau.” In addition, the project also aims to revive Macau’s tourism, which was slowed by months of travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, Asia Tigers Club will allow collectors to experience a digital Macau through its metaverse offerings. Thus, when travel restrictions are relaxed, collectors will be able to be among the first travelers to Macau. In addition, they will also gain real-life benefits through APE’s travel token marketplace.

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