Arsenal Football Club ready to enter the NFT world


Arsenal is one of the most successful and recognizable soccer brands in England and, by extension, the world; here’s what the club has in store for those interested in Web3.

Arsenal in the 21st century

Arsenal is one of the biggest teams in England, and the club holds the title of being the only English Premier League team never to have been relegated. Relegation in European sports occurs when the worst teams in a league are sent down to the lower leagues, while the best teams in the lower leagues gain promotion to the better and more recognized league.

Arsenal is the only English team that has not experienced that faith in recent decades. The new century started incredibly well for Arsenal; the club fielded one of the best teams in Europe, went a season without losing a game and reached the Champions League final.

Unfortunately, since the 2010s, Arsenal has struggled to compete for the Premier League and has instead settled for the lower accolades.

Arsenal is a top team that leaves a lot to be desired, but the team is making interesting moves in the Web3 space; on-field performance aside, what Arsenal has in store for fans is exciting and worthy of consideration.

Recently, Arsenal partnered with Unagi on a “play to win” initiative; the long-term partnership promises to offer users and fans new experiences powered by Blockchain technology. Arsenal and the English Premier League have readily embraced NFT and the Web3 sector as key to future growth.

Arsenal and Unagi Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions is a free inter-league fantasy soccer game that allows users to create the best and most exciting team with real-world players. When you create your team, you get rewards based on the real-world performance of the players in your fantasy team.

Arsenal’s partnership with Unagi will allow fans to access cross-league fantasy play for free, and when you have an NFT player, you can trade them with other users on the platform.

The game employs a “play to win” business model, as it supports its in-game currency that users can earn and spend in-game. Player NFTs are similar to collectible soccer cards in the digital realm.

It is true that users can enjoy the game without investing in digital player cards; the $CHAMP token offered by Unagi is the utility token used throughout the Ultimate Champions ecosystem. In addition, the game supports the $MGC token that represents manager contracts and, in more ways than one, is the primary source of rewards for players.

Juliet Slot is Arsenal’s commercial director and had this to say about the partnership between the team and Unagi, said:

“Unagi’s Ultimate Champions represents the next generation of fantasy soccer games. We are privileged to be the only Premier League club to join the free-to-play game and bring this brilliant concept to our fans around the world, giving them the opportunity to apply their global soccer knowledge and test themselves as soccer managers.”

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