Twitter began sharing Advertising Revenue with Content Creators


Elon Musk, the owner of the social network Twitter, announced on Friday, February 3, that the company will start sharing the money generated through advertising, inserted in the replies to tweets, with content creators who make viral posts on this platform.

According to Musk, in order to access this revenue, the account in question will have to be a subscriber to Twitter Blue, the paid version of the platform.

However, the tycoon did not offer more details about this new program, but in the past, he had already advanced his intention to offer new monetization channels for content creators, as other networks such as YouTube do, which share their income from the advertising impacts generated by their videos.

This has allowed users with many views to earn large amounts of money and, at the same time, create more and more content that generates traffic for the platform in a direct and massive way, rewarding the tweets that stand out the most among the most famous users and with more weight within the platform.

“Twitter has to be the place where a creator is best compensated for their time and talent.”

In this way, the tycoon has recognized that Twitter is obliged to be the social network that compensates its users in the best possible way.

These statements have gone viral through a response that Musk has given to a comment from another tweeter who referred to the competition with YouTube in the same field.

Advertising, Twitter’s main source of income

Advertising is the main source of revenue for Twitter, but after the acquisition by Musk and the chaotic first weeks that caused some of his decisions, many advertisers have opted to step aside from these operations that involve direct changes in the way they operate.

Last November, the entrepreneur himself admitted that the company had suffered a massive drop in turnover and was losing more than $4 million a day, although in recent months he has offered some more positive messages that raise initial hopes.

Despite this, it seems that Twitter is still looking for ways to recover advertisers and, according to The Wall Street Journal, is offering significant discounts for the Super Bowl, the final of the American soccer league to be held on February 12, which is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year on the social network.

About Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue offers benefits such as having priority when replying to other users, mentioning other accounts, and performing searches.

Elon Musk assured that all this is essential to put an end to spam and online scams.

Users who choose to pay the Twitter Blue subscription also have the ability to post longer videos and audio, while receiving only half of the advertising that appears on the platform.

The Twitter CEO added that they are working to make Twitter Blue also allow unblocking the paywalls of other websites that decide to work with the social network.

In practice, this would mean that a user with a Twitter Blue membership would be able to access news sites such as The New York Times or The Washington Post and read their articles without having to pay for them.

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