Black Magic: All-in-one X tool – Review

Black Magic: All-in-one X tool - Review

X, the virtual realm where memes and serious discussions collide, offers a unique platform to explore, learn, and connect. Yet, as you embark on your X journey, you’ll encounter limitations – the absence of an edit button, the struggle to organize bookmarks, and the mystery of post engagement. The solution to these challenges? Your first X tool, and my top recommendation is Black Magic.

Unveiling Black Magic: More Than Just a Name

Bold and enchanting, Black Magic is more than a tool; it’s an experience. Crafted by Tony Dinh, this indie SaaS project introduces you to a suite of tools designed to transform your X escapades. Let’s delve into the magical arsenal Black Magic offers:

1. The Magic Sidebar for X

The beating heart of Black Magic, the Magic Sidebar redefines how you experience X. A game-changer, yet to be acquired by X itself.

2. A Profile Progress Bar

Dynamically showcases your X journey next to your profile picture – a visual representation of your X evolution.

3. Real-Time Banner Feature

Craft dynamic X banners displaying your latest followers, company’s MMR, or any other data you deem worthy.

4. Big Picture Visualization

A neat visual representation to see who you’re following and who’s following you on X – a bird’s eye view of your Xverse.

5. Sleep Indicator

A subtle signal to let your followers know you prioritize your eight hours of sleep, aligning with those who value their health.

While each feature has its charm, the Magic Sidebar steals the spotlight, and that’s where our journey through this article will predominantly dwell.

Why Black Magic? Unraveling the Mystery

But hold on, you might wonder, why invest in a X tool when the platform itself is free? Let’s unravel the reasons:

1. X’s Hidden Superpower

X’s unparalleled speed in connecting you with incredible, like-minded individuals is its secret weapon. It opens doors to Generosity-First Networking and serendipitous encounters that can alter your professional trajectory.

2. Overcoming the Overwhelm

With endless possibilities on X, overwhelming moments are inevitable. Enter the Magic Sidebar – your lightweight, powerful CRM for X, enhancing your experience and connection-building.

3. Saving Time and Mental Energy

The Magic Sidebar doesn’t just add flair; it offers robust analytics, saving you time and mental capacity to maximize your X engagement.

Getting Started with Black Magic Sidebar: A Spellbinding Guide

1. Creating Your Black Magic Account

No need for a separate account; Black Magic utilizes your X account for seamless verification.

2. Picking the Right Pricing Tier

Head to and choose your plan. Opt for the free plan with a 14-day trial or explore the Personal and Pro plans for additional features.

3. Installing the Black Magic Sidebar

Download the official browser extensions for Chrome & Brave, Firefox, Safari, or the mobile apps for iOS and Android for Pro Plan users.

Up Your X Game with the Black Magic Sidebar: A Tutorial

After signing up and installing the sidebar extension, your X experience undergoes a metamorphosis. Let’s navigate the transformed X together:

1. Your X Feed aka Home: Engage & Create

Reminders, Today’s Stats, Today’s  posts – the Magic Sidebar enhances your engagement, providing valuable insights and quick interactions.

2. Drafting & Scheduling: A Game of Timing

Enhance your scheduling game with features that go beyond the native X app, offering a better overview and modification options.

3. Your X Notifications: Sort & Manage

Navigate the chaos of X notifications with filters, quick reply options, and a visual guide to distinguish interactions.

4. Your X Profile: Insights & Strategies

Gain valuable metrics on your profile, from overall stats breakdown to your top interactions, helping you refine your X strategy.

5. Other X Profiles: Make Better Connections

Unlock the potential of better networking by organizing past interactions, adding personal notes, and filtering for specific topics of interest.

6. Your posts: Get into the Details

Delve into the nitty-gritty of your posts with insights on engagement, interactions, and the powerful Engagement Breakdown feature.

7. Your Saved posts: A Native X Feature Upgrade

Save and organize posts efficiently, surpassing X’s native bookmark feature with a folder structure for easy retrieval.

Adding a Touch of Black Magic to Your X Life: Advanced Features

Beyond the Magic Sidebar, Black Magic unfolds additional features to add an extra layer of enchantment to your X experience:

1. Progress Bar & Dynamic X Banner

Enhance your X profile with a Progress Bar depicting your growth and a Dynamic X Banner for a standout visual appeal.

2. Sleep Indicator

A whimsical touch to let your followers know you’re temporarily away from X engagements.

My X Workflow Using The Magic Sidebar: A Personal Chronicle

Incorporating Black Magic into your X routine can be seamless. Here’s a glimpse into how I integrate the Magic Sidebar into my daily X workflow:

  1. Morning Check-in: Log into X, review updates, and respond to notifications.
  2. Post Inspirations: Start with Today’s post Inspirations from the Magic Sidebar, jotting down ideas or switching to Tweethunter for more complex scheduling.
  3. Engaging with Favorites: Connect with favorite accounts, leaving comments where appropriate, and attempting to focus on other tasks.
  4. Timeline Exploration: Throughout the day, explore interesting accounts, make notes in the sidebar, and engage with replies.
  5. Product Launch Giveaway: Utilize the Pick A Winner function for giveaways, adding a sprinkle of excitement with a spin-the-wheel animation.
  6. Weekly Profile Check: During active X periods, review profile performance, check top-performing posts, and assess overall stats.

Who Should Embrace the Black Magic X Tool?

Whether you’re a X novice or a seasoned user, Black Magic caters to all:

  • For Beginners: Elevate your X experience, build connections effortlessly, and learn post optimization.
  • For Seasoned Users: Navigate the noise, delve into post analytics, and manage interactions effectively.

Black Magic evolves rapidly, with constant updates enhancing its features. If you’re missing something or have suggestions, a DM to Tony might just bring your magical idea to life.

Click here to create your account and test all of Black Magic’s features 14 days for free.

In conclusion, your X journey is about to transcend the ordinary. Embrace Black Magic, and let the enchantment unfold in 280 characters or less.


Is Black Magic suitable for beginners on X?

Absolutely! Black Magic serves as the ideal introduction to X tools, enhancing your journey with its user-friendly features.

What makes the Magic Sidebar a must-have for X users?

The Magic Sidebar consolidates powerful tools in one interface, simplifying your X experience and providing valuable insights.

Can Black Magic help manage overwhelming X notifications?

Yes, the Magic Sidebar offers filters and sorting options, allowing you to manage and respond to notifications effectively.

Is Black Magic only for advanced X users?

While seasoned users can unlock advanced features, Black Magic caters to users of all levels, offering a seamless upgrade to the default X experience.

How often does Black Magic receive updates?

Black Magic undergoes frequent updates, ensuring that new features and improvements continue to enrich your X journey.

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