Piaggio filed a trademark application for its Vespa brand to enter the Metaverse and NFT space

Vespa Scooters owner enters the NFT and metaverse with trademark application.


Piaggio, the Italian motor vehicle manufacturer, filed an application to register the Vespa trademark, which primarily refers to the iconic scooter manufactured in 1946, signaling its ambitions to enter the metaverse and the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

According to the application, filed with the USPTO on Dec. 30, 2022, the company intends to offer:

  • Virtual products with two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles, electric scooters, electric push scooters, vehicle bodies for use in online and virtual worlds;
  • NFT authenticated digital objects for use in online virtual worlds;
  • Downloadable software for creating, managing, shipping and exchanging NFT and collectible digital objects.

Micheal Kondoudis, an attorney specializing in Web3-related trademarks and registrations, shared the news on Twitter.

The brand was introduced to offer:

  • Commerce and blockchain software for NFTs.
  • Virtual scooters, vehicles, footwear and apparel.
  • Digital media authenticated by non-fungible tokens.

Other offerings include downloadable digital media such as NFT-authenticated digital goods in the form of digital currencies, cryptographic tokens, tokens of value in the form of coupons and gift certificates for use in online virtual worlds. Also included in the plan are NFT-authenticated digital goods and computer games.

NFT Vespas are already available and this measure will represent a technological and innovative breakthrough.

Other automakers that have joined Web3

Piaggio joins the growing list of vehicle manufacturers riding the Web3 wave.

BMW recently unveiled its “i Vision Dee” metaverification car, while Fiat and Maruti Suzuki have already opened their own metaverification car dealerships.

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