L’Occitane Takes Summer Scents to the Metaverse with “Greenhouse” Store

L'Occitane Takes Summer Scents to the Metaverse with "Greenhouse" Store

L’Occitane en Provence is blooming in the metaverse! The renowned beauty brand has unveiled its fourth virtual store, aptly named “Greenhouse”, to showcase its enticing summer fragrances.

A Multi-Sensory Metaverse Experience

Developed in collaboration with metaverse experience creators Emperia, “Greenhouse” is more than just an online store. It’s an immersive journey through three distinct virtual environments, each designed to capture the essence of a specific fragrance collection:

  • The Main Hall: Perched in a sun-drenched space, this area highlights L’Occitane’s women’s fragrances – think delicate rose, sweet cherry blossom, and calming lavender.
  • Men’s Collection: Embark on a virtual forest adventure as you explore the woodsy scents of the Men’s Collection, featuring fragrances like the invigorating Cap Cedrat.
  • Middle Eastern Oasis: Relax in a luxurious lounge setting and discover the captivating scents of the Middle East, including the rich Ambre and the captivating 86 Scents collection.

More Than Browsing: A Virtual Shopping Paradise

Visitors to “Greenhouse” aren’t limited to simply smelling the virtual roses (or, well, virtual cherry blossoms). Users can engage with each fragrance, learn its story, and even add their favorites to a virtual shopping cart for a seamless purchase experience.

L’Occitane’s Metaverse Expansion

“Greenhouse” marks the fourth chapter in L’Occitane’s successful metaverse journey, which began in July 2023. Their debut store allowed users to explore iconic scents like Lavender, Almond, Immortelle, and Shea Butter. Building on this success, December saw the launch of an Alpine-inspired virtual store for the holiday season, followed by a Ramadan-themed store in February, co-created with artist Bayan Yasien.

The Future of Retail: Immersive and Engaging

L’Occitane’s embrace of virtual stores reflects a growing trend in the retail landscape. By offering immersive and gamified experiences, these virtual spaces connect with consumers on a deeper level, allowing them to explore a brand’s history, heritage, and products in a way not possible with traditional online shopping.

The Power of Virtual Shopping

The potential of virtual stores is undeniable. A 2022 survey by Obsess revealed a staggering 70% of consumers who visited a virtual store made a purchase. This trend is expected to continue its meteoric rise, with Statista projecting the global metaverse eCommerce market to reach a staggering $210.3 billion by 2030.

So, dive into L’Occitane’s “Greenhouse” and discover the future of fragrance shopping – one where the world (or rather, the metaverse) is your oyster!


L’Occitane’s “Greenhouse” is a prime example of how brands are leveraging the metaverse to create innovative and engaging shopping experiences. By offering a multi-sensory journey through captivating virtual environments, L’Occitane allows customers to connect with their fragrances in a whole new way. This trend is certain to continue shaping the future of retail, offering exciting possibilities for both brands and consumers.


What is L’Occitane’s “Greenhouse” store?

Greenhouse” is L’Occitane’s fourth virtual store in the metaverse, showcasing their summer fragrance collections through immersive, themed environments.

What can I do in the “Greenhouse” store?

You can explore the different virtual areas, learn about each fragrance, and even add your favorites to a virtual shopping cart for purchase.

What other virtual stores has L’Occitane launched?

L’Occitane has previously launched virtual stores celebrating signature scents, a holiday-themed experience, and a Ramadan-themed store focused on togetherness.

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