IKEA Gets Meta: Launching Paid Virtual Store on Roblox for Innovative Recruitment

IKEA Gets Meta: Launching Paid Virtual Store on Roblox for Innovative Recruitment

London, UK – June [Current Date] – IKEA is shaking up traditional recruitment with a groundbreaking initiative – a virtual store on the popular gaming platform Roblox, offering paid positions!

Careers Done Different with Roblox

This innovative campaign, dubbed “Careers Done Different,” targets younger generations by inviting Roblox players to apply for real-world jobs within a virtual IKEA environment. Here’s how it works:

  • Application Period: Applications are open until June 16th, with the virtual store launching on June 24th.
  • Selection Process: Applicants will submit resumes, questionnaires, and complete a digital interview to secure one of the ten available positions.
  • Virtual IKEA Experience: Successful candidates will immerse themselves in the virtual store, exploring departments and experiencing the day-to-day of a real IKEA employee.

Why Roblox? Redefining Flexibility and Attracting Talent

IKEA sees this unconventional approach as a way to showcase their company culture – one that values flexibility and career progression.

  • Freedom in the Virtual World: The freedom players experience within the virtual store mirrors the career flexibility offered by IKEA in the real world.
  • A Novel Recruitment Strategy: “We wanted to demonstrate the IKEA co-worker journey in a less traditional way,” says Kemi Anthony, IKEA’s marketing communications manager. Roblox allows potential employees to experience the IKEA work environment firsthand.

IKEA: Pioneering Paid Positions on Roblox

According to Darren Taylor, IKEA’s UK People and Culture Manager, this initiative marks the first instance of a company offering paid work within the Roblox platform.

Showcasing a Unique Career Philosophy: “We’re excited to be the first brand with paid work on Roblox,” says Taylor. This approach highlights IKEA’s commitment to innovative recruitment strategies.

Beyond Gaming: The Rise of Virtual Worlds

IKEA’s move reflects a growing trend: businesses leveraging virtual and metaverse worlds to connect with younger demographics.

  • Reaching New Audiences: Virtual spaces offer immersive and unique experiences, attracting a younger audience to brands like IKEA.
  • Not Just IKEA: Roblox itself has launched a virtual career center specifically targeting early career talents.

Building on Innovation: IKEA and Web3

This initiative is not IKEA’s first foray into the Web3 space. In 2022, their innovation lab SPACE10 introduced a furniture circularity concept using NFTs.

  • Embracing Web3: By utilizing NFTs, IKEA allows customers to track furniture lifecycles and facilitate environmentally friendly practices.

IKEA’s audacious Roblox venture is a testament to their commitment to embracing new avenues for talent acquisition. It’s a win-win: offering exciting opportunities to potential employees while showcasing IKEA’s forward-thinking approach to the modern working world.

Potential Future of “Careers Done Different”: Can This Be a Long-Term Strategy?

While IKEA’s Roblox foray is undoubtedly innovative, questions remain about its long-term viability as a recruitment strategy. Here are some potential considerations:

  • Scalability: Can this approach be effectively scaled to attract a wider pool of talent beyond Roblox users or younger generations?
  • Skills Translation: Will the skills learned within the virtual IKEA translate to actual job requirements?
  • Metrics and ROI: How will IKEA measure the success of this campaign and its return on investment (ROI)?

Looking Ahead: Beyond the Initial Buzz

The initial buzz surrounding IKEA’s Roblox recruitment is likely to generate significant media attention and brand awareness. However, the true success will lie in its effectiveness at attracting and retaining qualified talent over the long term.

Potential for Other Industries:

While IKEA’s approach is novel, it could pave the way for other industries to explore similar strategies. Here are some possibilities:

  • Retail: Imagine potential retail employees virtually designing store layouts or practicing customer service skills within a virtual store environment.
  • Manufacturing: Virtual factories could offer potential employees a glimpse into production processes and quality control procedures.
  • Healthcare: Virtual hospitals could allow aspiring medical professionals to experience different healthcare settings and interact with simulated patients.

The Future of Recruitment: A Blend of Reality and Virtuality?

IKEA’s experiment highlights an emerging trend: the potential for virtual worlds to complement traditional recruitment methods. We might be witnessing the birth of a hybrid recruitment model, where virtual experiences enhance and inform the real-world job application process.

Will IKEA’s “Careers Done Different” become the norm? Only time will tell. However, it undeniably pushes the boundaries of recruitment and offers a glimpse into a potentially transformative future for talent acquisition.


IKEA’s foray into Roblox recruitment is undoubtedly bold and innovative. While questions remain about its long-term scalability and effectiveness, it undeniably creates a buzz and positions IKEA as a forward-thinking employer. Whether it becomes a mainstream recruitment strategy or remains a unique experiment, IKEA’s “Careers Done Different” campaign has sparked a conversation about the future of talent acquisition, where virtual experiences might play an increasingly important role.


What is IKEA’s “Careers Done Different” campaign?

IKEA is launching a virtual store on Roblox, offering paid positions for players to experience the day-to-day of a real IKEA employee.

Who can apply for these virtual jobs?

As of now, applicants must be over 18 and reside in the UK or Ireland.

Is this the first time a company has offered paid work on Roblox?

Yes, according to IKEA, this is the first instance of a company offering paid positions within the Roblox platform.

What are the benefits of this approach for IKEA?

IKEA hopes to attract younger generations and showcase their company culture, highlighting flexibility and diverse career paths.

Can other industries adapt this strategy?

Potentially! Retail, manufacturing, and healthcare could utilize virtual environments to provide job seekers with a taste of the work experience.

Is this the future of recruitment?

The future is uncertain, but IKEA’s move highlights the potential for virtual worlds to become a complementary tool in the recruitment process.

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