CryptoPunks Debuts “Super Punk World” with Artist Nina Chanel Abney

CryptoPunks Debuts "Super Punk World" with Artist Nina Chanel Abney

CryptoPunks, the renowned NFT collection, unveils a new chapter with “Super Punk World,” a 500-piece digital avatar collection curated by acclaimed artist Nina Chanel Abney. This innovative project takes center stage at Jack Shainman Gallery from May to October 2024.

A Fusion of Art and Avatars

Abney, known for her thought-provoking works exploring race, gender, and social issues, curates this collection. Inspired by CryptoPunks’ distinct traits and her own “Super Cool World” NFT series, she blends paper collage and print shop techniques to create these 500 unique avatars. This project offers fans and collectors a fresh way to connect with Abney’s artistic vision.

A Reimagined Viewing Experience

As revealed on CryptoPunks’ official Twitter, “Super Punk World” utilizes 3D technology to present Abney’s art through a novel “Punk lens.” This immersive experience will be showcased alongside Abney’s latest creations at the Jack Shainman Gallery exhibition, running from May 18 to October 5, 2024.

The “Punk in Residence” Program Takes Flight

Abney becomes the inaugural artist in CryptoPunks’ groundbreaking “Punk in Residence” program. This program explores the concept of “Punk” through diverse artistic interpretations. As the first artist, Abney received Punk #72 NFT and the opportunity to experiment with a new medium, as she expressed in a recent video interview:

“I strive to create art that reflects myself and my community. The Punk in Residence program has opened my studio practice to a whole new medium… allowing me to explore uncharted territory.”

NFTs and Artistic Innovation

This collaboration is poised to further propel CryptoPunks into the spotlight. The collection has recently garnered significant attention, with Alien Punks #3100 and #7804 fetching over $16 million each in March, followed by Punk #635 selling for over $12 million in April (ranking 6th in the collection’s history). Additionally, daily sales volume recently surged to nearly $1.4 million, reflecting a 63% increase from the previous week.

Beyond Sales: A Multifaceted Initiative

CryptoPunks continues to expand its reach beyond NFT sales. In April, they released “Free to Claim,” a comprehensive book documenting their NFT journey.


CryptoPunks’ “Super Punk World” marks a captivating intersection of art, technology, and digital avatars. Curated by renowned artist Nina Chanel Abney, this collection showcases her unique style and reimagines the CryptoPunks experience through a 3D lens. The “Punk in Residence” program further highlights CryptoPunks’ commitment to fostering artistic exploration and pushing the boundaries of NFTs. As the collection continues to gain momentum, it undoubtedly cements CryptoPunks’ position as a pioneer in the ever-evolving NFT landscape.


What is “Super Punk World”?

“Super Punk World” is a 500-piece digital avatar collection curated by artist Nina Chanel Abney and part of CryptoPunks’ “Punk in Residence” program.

How does “Super Punk World” differ from other CryptoPunks collections?

“Super Punk World” features Abney’s unique artistic style and incorporates 3D technology to create an immersive viewing experience.

Where can I see “Super Punk World” in person?

“Super Punk World” will be on display at the Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, New York, from May 18 to October 5, 2024.

What is the “Punk in Residence” program?

The “Punk in Residence” program invites artists to explore the concept of “Punk” through their own creative lens and contribute to the CryptoPunks universe.

What is the significance of Nina Chanel Abney being the inaugural “Punk in Residence” artist?

Abney’s involvement marks a significant step in CryptoPunks’ efforts to expand artistic collaborations and showcase diverse perspectives within the NFT realm.

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