Blackpink Lights Up the Metaverse: K-Pop Group Releases Light Stick NFTs on VeVe

Blackpink Lights Up the Metaverse: K-Pop Group Releases Light Stick NFTs on VeVe

Calling all BLINKs! Blackpink is diving deeper into the world of Web3 with the launch of a new NFT series on VeVe, a popular digital collectibles platform.

This exciting release features the group’s iconic light stick, reimagined as unique non-fungible tokens. But that’s not all – fans can also snag exclusive stage-themed NFTs, commemorating Blackpink’s electrifying live performances.

Here’s the scoop on Blackpink’s scorching NFT collection

  • Light Stick Collection: The centerpiece of the drop is the “Blackpink Light Stick” NFT series. These digital collectibles come in four dazzling variations – Black & Pink (common), Silver, Gold, and the rarest of them all, Diamond. Each variation symbolizes the unwavering support and unity between Blackpink and their global fanbase, BLINKs.

  • Blind Box Surprise: Adding a touch of excitement, the Light Stick NFTs will be sold in a blind box format. This means you won’t know which color variation you’ve received until after purchasing the NFT. Prices start at a fan-friendly $25 (USD) per blind box.

  • Limited Editions: Keep an eye on the clock! The Blackpink Light Stick NFTs go live on VeVe on May 26th, 2024, at 8:00 AM PT (Pacific Time). With limited quantities available (ranging from 1,140 for Diamond to 2,890 for Black & Pink), these collectibles are sure to be a hot commodity for BLINKs.

  • Stage Up Your Collection: Craving a taste of Blackpink’s electrifying live shows? The NFT drop also features a special “Stage” NFT, a tribute to the group’s dazzling stage presence. This NFT is available in a larger edition of 4,090 and is priced at $50 (USD).

Blackpink Takes the Lead in Web3

This NFT launch is another step in Blackpink’s continuous exploration of Web3 technologies. Last year, they made waves in the metaverse with “Blackpink The Palace” on Roblox, creating a virtual space for fans to connect and participate in interactive experiences.

Blackpink joins a growing roster of musical artists embracing the possibilities of Web3. From exclusive content and experiences to fostering deeper connections with fans, these innovative ventures are transforming the way fans interact with their favorite artists.

BLACKPINK x VeVeVibes: A New Digital Era Begins

The Music NFT Boom

The music NFT market is experiencing explosive growth. According to Market Decipher, the market value reached $1.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to skyrocket to a staggering $42 billion by 2032. Blackpink’s NFT drop is a testament to this trend, offering fans a unique way to own a piece of the K-Pop phenomenon.

Are you ready to light up the metaverse with Blackpink? Don’t miss out on this exclusive NFT collection!


Blackpink’s foray into the NFT realm with their “Light Stick” collection on VeVe is a strategic move that solidifies their position as pioneers in the Web3 space. This innovative venture not only offers fans a unique way to own a piece of their fandom but also contributes to the burgeoning music NFT market.

By embracing Web3 technologies, Blackpink is redefining the fan experience, providing exclusive content, fostering deeper connections, and creating a shared virtual space for BLINKs to connect and celebrate their passion for the group.

As the music NFT market continues to flourish, Blackpink’s NFT collection serves as a beacon of inspiration for other artists seeking to engage with their fans in new and exciting ways. The future of music is undoubtedly intertwined with Web3, and Blackpink is leading the charge with their innovative spirit and unwavering dedication to their global fanbase.


What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital assets that represent ownership of a physical or digital item. They are stored on the blockchain, a secure and transparent ledger system.

What are the benefits of owning Blackpink’s Light Stick NFTs?

Owning a Blackpink Light Stick NFT offers several benefits:

  • Digital ownership of a unique collectible: Each NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that represents your support for Blackpink.

  • Potential for future value: As the NFT market grows, the value of your NFT could appreciate.

  • Access to exclusive content and experiences: NFT holders may receive exclusive benefits, such as early access to merchandise, virtual meet-and-greets, or behind-the-scenes content.

How do I purchase a Blackpink Light Stick NFT?

Blackpink’s Light Stick NFTs will be available for purchase on VeVe, a popular digital collectibles platform. You will need to create an account on VeVe and have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet to purchase the NFTs.

What is the price of a Blackpink Light Stick NFT?

The price of a Blackpink Light Stick NFT starts at $25 (USD) per blind box. The Stage NFT is priced at $50 (USD).

When will the Blackpink Light Stick NFTs be available?

The Blackpink Light Stick NFTs will go live on VeVe on May 26th, 2024, at 8:00 AM PT (Pacific Time).

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