Zandvoort Grand Prix 2023 Issues Ticket-Linked Digital Collectibles

The Zandvoort Grand Prix is offering digital collectibles direct to all 100,000+ attendees of the F1 racing weekend at the Circuit Zandvoort, happening between August 25th-27th.

Everyone in attendance can claim a collectible directly in the Dutch GP app that over the course of the race weekend will update with unique coordinates representing part of the Zandvoort racetrack and a stunning ‘Trackside Treasure’ design with visual elements that showcase the uniqueness of the Zandvoort race.

Additionally, 75 lucky race fans will receive an additional unique 1/1 collectible immortalising the 75th year of the track.

Accessing the collectible is as easy as heading directly to the Dutch GP app and logging in via email and password as all custodial wallets are provided behind the scenes via GET Protocol.

This means that the entire 100k+ crowd of ticket holders can be onboarded into Web3 with the click of a button, accessing the benefits of NFT collectibles and Web3 access with the user experience of native Web2 mobile apps.

The event marks the largest offering to date of digital collectibles directly to ticket holders in attendance of an event, and it comes through an entirely new, user-friendly flow.

By automatically generating unique collectibles through GET Protocol’s Digital Twin and connecting these with’s digital tickets, every single one of the 100,000+ race fans descending on Zandvoort can access, share and interact with their collectible directly from the Dutch GP App without having to lift an extra finger.

Teun Verheij, Head of Marketing Dutch GP: “The launch of our digital collectibles is part of our overall approach in tapping into the new world of fan experiences. We love to interact with our fans and with these collectibles we are giving them something extra as a reminder of a fantastic race festival experience.”

Retelling the rich story of Zandvoort racing

What makes these digital collectibles truly special is that every single one of them is connected to unique coordinates of the Zandvoort racetrack. Each attendee will take home one of the many sections of the track, from the famous ‘Tarzan Corner’ to the strikingly fast Hunse Ridge.

Zandvoort Grand Prix 2023 Issues Ticket-Linked Digital Collectibles

Teun Verheij, Head of Marketing Dutch GP: “With every fan having direct access to their digital collectible, the experience is completely integrated in our already existing digital landscape.

With a recently renewed website an app, we are giving fans even more to experience. And these collectibles are exclusively for ticket holders.

The simplicity of a ticket based distribution

Unlike external collectible distributions which force users to jump through complex hoops to get their hands on collectibles, the Zandvoort Grand Prix distribution is tied directly to the issuance of the event’s ticket.

For attendees the user flow is as simple as purchasing a ticket, personalising through and claiming their collectible in the Dutch GP app, after which they’ll see it natively in their user profile.

All complexity is handled behind the scenes through GET Protocol so that anyone – no matter age or technical knowledge – can take home a piece of the racetrack.

Part of this behind the scenes magic is the creation of a custodial wallet for every single attendee at the race. Instead of the user having to manually create or enter their own wallet, GET Protocol generates a Collectible on the moment, which is issued and tied to a ticket.

The ticketeer and event-related application simply link their own user ID to the created wallet which is not only a frictionless process but allows for full exploration of all Web3 user flows, from receiving & sending assets, to going through token gated activations setup by the event organiser.

Next level collectible experience

Instead of doing a one-time drop of a static image, a four-step content strategy was devised around the collectibles to maximise the fan experience before, during and after the race weekend:

1) Once all tickets are personalised by ticketing company, fans have the chance to unlock a ‘wrapped’ image of their collectible in the Dutch GP app.

2) In the run up to the race, fans are able to unwrap their collectible directly from the same app, revealing the artwork and unique coordinates that represent a specific part of the track.

3) On race day, August 27th, at 14.00 local time, an update is made to the collectibles, showing a specific highlight relating to the part of the track represented by the coordinates. This can be anything from a stealthy take-over to the highest measured speed on that spot.

4) Additionally, 75 lucky race fans will receive another unique collectible in honour of the 75 years of existence of the famous racetrack.
Future-proofed digital access opportunities

With blockchain-based Digital Collectibles being a relatively new phenomenon, there’s still a world of possibilities beyond ownership that can be unlocked. In the near future, it will become possible to use these collectibles for exclusive token gated access into future experiences put together by the Dutch GP.

Thanks to their on-chain registration & ownership, the ability to unlock access into exclusive content is as simple as holding a collectible, heading into an experience and scanning & verifying asset ownership via a QR code from within the Dutch GP app.

Maarten Bloemers, CEO of GET Protocol: “We are thrilled to facilitate this activation that shows the power of accessible Web3 innovation for mainstream fans. We believe new tech should be frictionless & add sustainable value, which this integration of our blockchain tooling into the heart of the Dutch GP app showcases. Providing every race fan with a Web3 wallet and a collectible with zero complexity is an achievement I’m proud of and sets a new benchmark for the industry.”

As the pinnacle of racing heads to the Netherlands in August, the interwoven nature of new technology will always be at the forefront of fan experiences and these Digital Collectibles will live on, reminding each and every attendee of the memories soon to be made.

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