Saweetie to host first-ever NFL Metaverse Concert on Roblox


In a partnership between Warner Music Group (WMG), the NFL, and Intuit, hip-hop star Saweetie will deliver her upcoming Super Bowl concert as an immersive metaverse experience through Roblox.

Concert in Rhythm City, Roblox

The event will take place in “Rhythm City,” WMG’s new music-themed social role-playing world in Roblox, designed in collaboration with Gamefam.

Visitors can explore and dance in the virtual world and will soon be able to enjoy various virtual concerts with WMG artists.

The first of many concerts to be held in the group’s newly opened interactive Rhythm City world.

WMG’s hip-hop star will perform her hit singles, including Tap In, in a pre-recorded performance. Saweetie takes the virtual stage on February 10 at 7 p.m. ET/5 p.m. MT, and her performance will air every hour on the hour until the main event on February 12.

Upon entering, users can choose from various roles, such as music producer or DJ, and compete in mini-music challenges. The virtual city will also offer access to a collection of exclusive digital items sold on Roblox.

“As an artist and soccer fan, being able to perform on Super Bowl LVII weekend at Rhythm City in the Roblox metaverse is something I never imagined I would be a part of,” commented Saweetie. “I can’t wait to present what we’ve created to the fans.”

The launch of Rhythm City is intended to demonstrate WMG’s commitment to facilitating new experiences for artists and audiences in the digital world, as well as the company’s ongoing efforts to push creative boundaries and provide new tools for artists to engage with fans in this era.

“At WMG we focus on creating dynamic and interactive virtual experiences that connect artists with their fans. Saweetie’s Super Bowl concert presented by Intuit on Roblox is an excellent example of that and it doesn’t get more iconic than that,” shared Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer of Business Development at WMG.

As for the Sweeties concert, it will be the first event to take place in Rhythm City, and it will also be the first NFL metaverse concert during Super Bowl week featuring a Warner Records artist.

Objectives of this Virtual Concert

The virtual concert will be free and aims to bring the excitement of a Super Bowl musical performance to millions of fans through family-friendly performances and a motion-captured set featuring the artist’s hit songs, including “Tap-In.”

The concert is set to promote a message of female empowerment as the upcoming Super Bowl LVII takes place – airing February 10, at 7:00 pm ET and every hour thereafter through February 12.

“The Saweetie Super Bowl Concert Presented by Intuit will be a great event that will bring fans together in the metaverse and solidify the Super Bowl’s tradition of content innovation,” said Ed Kiang, vice president of video games for the NFL. “Working for Roblox allows us to create wonderful immersive experiences, and with the concert and Super NFL Tycoon, we will create stronger engagement with fans.”

The NFL is hosting Saweetie’s performance in Roblox in conjunction with the launch of Super NFL Tycoon in Roblox.

The new experience, also powered by Intuit, will allow users to act as owners of an NFL team and control important aspects of a soccer franchise, such as managing cash flow, player selection, and building an Intuit stadium.

Super NFL Tycoon debuts on Roblox on Saturday, February 4, ahead of Saweetie’s performance. Roblox users will be able to move between Super NFL Tycoon and Rhythm City when the two-day concert marathon begins.

Saweetie’s Super Bowl performance experiences in Roblox, Super NFL Tycoon, and Rhythm City have been developed in partnership with Gamefam, a gaming and metaverse content company.

WMG in the Metaverse

Warner Music Group launched Rhythm City on January 30 as a virtual place for Roblox users to explore, dance and participate in music-centric mini-challenges. Saweetie will transform into a virtual character for the first Rhythm City event.

The music group has previously brought several of its artists to the Roblox platform, including names such as Twenty-One Pilots, Why Don’t We, Ava Max, David Guetta, and Royal Blood, among others.

Recently, WMG announced a partnership with metaverse The Sandbox to launch a metaverse party at Spinnin’ Records’ World’s Biggest Demo Drop (WBDD), and also as an initiative to turn winning DJ tracks into NFT via LGND Music.

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