Ragnarok: Monster World’s Debut Mint on Ronin Sells Out Instantly, 9,600 Fans Now Own a Piece of Franchise History

Ragnarok: Monster World's Debut Mint on Ronin Sells Out Instantly, 9,600 Fans Now Own a Piece of Franchise History

June 4, 2024Ragnarok: Monster World, the immersive strategy game, celebrated a massive win with its debut mint on Ronin, the top gaming blockchain. In just seconds, the mint sold out, pulling in $800,000 and welcoming 9,600 new owners.

This marks the first time a web2 game has launched on Ronin. Combining Ragnarok’s global popularity—boasting 167 million downloads in 122 territories—with Ronin’s expertise in integrating iconic IPs into web3, this partnership hit the ground running.

“We had high hopes for Ragnarok’s transition to Ronin, and the success of this mint has surpassed even our most optimistic predictions. The Ragnarok IP embodies everything Ronin stands for—engaging gameplay, immersive worlds, and a passionate community. This mint is a testament to Ronin’s position as the premier platform for web3 games looking to build, grow, and monetize their projects, and I’m looking forward to the next activations between Ragnarok and Ronin,” commented Sky Mavis CEO and Co-Founder, Trung Nguyen.

“Ragnarok is a special franchise that has thrived across mediums, from comics to MMORPGs, and now from Web2 to Web3. This mint was a perfect example of the ‘Ronin Effect’ on Ragnarok: Monster World. Ronin excels at cultivating and maintaining passionate, engaged communities around the projects it supports and we are blown away by the community’s response,” said Seokjun Kim, Founder of ZERO X AND.

Developed by ZERO X AND and published by Gravity, Ragnarok: Monster World lets players tame, train, and battle with monsters called Ragmons. They earn rewards through PvP features, with future updates promising PvE and GvG features, alongside campaign-related benefits.

Ronin, the world’s leading gaming blockchain, supports over 19.7 million total wallet addresses and a vibrant gaming community.

More information on Ragnarok: Monster World is available here. For more information on Ronin, click here.

About Ronin

Ronin is an EVM blockchain forged for gaming, launched by Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity. With over $1.3B in revenue and $4B in NFT volumes, Ronin can scale a single game to millions of daily active users, facilitating near-instant transactions with negligible fees.


ZERO X AND (0x&) focuses on developing frameworks for NFT games and Dapps, advancing the Web3 ecosystem. They are currently developing Ragnarok: Monster World and act as a validator for XPLA and HAVAH.

About Gravity

Gravity Co., Ltd. is a pioneering South Korean video game company known for Ragnarok Online. Founded in 2000, Gravity has established itself as a leader in creating immersive gaming experiences, with a strong global publishing business.

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