OpenAI, the ChatGPT company, fires CEO Sam Altman

OpenAI, the ChatGPT company, fires CEO Sam Altman

The sudden dismissal of Sam Altman, the charismatic face of OpenAI, has sent shockwaves through the tech world. In a surprising move, the board accuses Altman of a breach of trust, leading to his immediate termination. Mira Murati, the current Chief Technology Officer, steps in as the interim CEO while the search for a permanent replacement is underway.

The Board’s Decision

The board of OpenAI, in an unexpected announcement, declares the abrupt firing of Sam Altman due to a loss of confidence. The statement alleges that Altman was not consistently truthful in his communications, hindering the board’s ability to carry out its responsibilities. The departure marks a significant shift in the leadership of the company that brought ChatGPT, a groundbreaking generative AI tool, to the forefront.

Altman’s Response

Shortly after the release of the official statement, Altman bid farewell on Twitter, expressing his love for his time at OpenAI. He hinted at having more to share about his future endeavors but alluded to potential legal implications, indicating a possible dispute over his shares in the company.

Unraveling Events

Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAI, initially announced his resignation as board president but later confirmed his resignation from the company entirely. The timeline of events surrounding Altman’s dismissal remains unclear, with Brockman stating, “We are still trying to figure out exactly what has happened.”

The Success of ChatGPT

ChatGPT, launched almost a year ago, has witnessed unparalleled success, propelling OpenAI into a competitive race among tech giants. Altman, at 38, played a pivotal role in presenting the potential of generative AI to the world, becoming a global ambassador for the technology.

Company’s Mission

The board, in its Friday statement, emphasized OpenAI’s deliberate structuring to advance the mission of using AI for the benefit of humanity. Despite Altman’s contributions, the board believes new leadership is necessary for the company’s future.

Lack of Explanation

OpenAI refrains from providing specific reasons behind the loss of confidence in Altman. The company, amid a significant stock placement aiming for a valuation of around $90 billion, leaves room for speculation on the impact of Altman’s departure on its financial landscape.

Microsoft’s Reaction

Microsoft, holding a 49% stake in OpenAI, experienced a more than 2% drop in its stock value post the news of Altman’s firing. CEO Satya Nadella reaffirms the long-term commitment to OpenAI, highlighting their access to innovation and exciting product plans.

Mira Murati: The Interim Leader

Mira Murati, a key member of OpenAI’s leadership for five years, steps into the interim CEO role. With expertise in research, product, security, governance, and AI policy, the board sees her as highly qualified, ensuring a smooth transition while the search for a permanent CEO commences.

New Board Composition

Following Brockman and Altman’s departure, the board now comprises Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s Chief Scientist, and three independent directors: Adam D’Angelo, Tasha McCauley, and Helen Toner.

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OpenAI’s Evolution

Founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization, OpenAI evolved into OpenAI LP in 2018 to facilitate fundraising. Initial contributors included Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and others, pledging a billion dollars for AI research.


The sudden upheaval at OpenAI has left the tech community buzzing with questions. As the company navigates this transitional period, the impact on its mission and the AI landscape at large remains uncertain.


Why was Sam Altman fired?

The board cited a loss of confidence, alleging Altman was not consistently truthful in his communications.

How does Altman’s departure affect OpenAI’s valuation?

Altman’s exit coincides with a significant stock placement, raising questions about the company’s financial outlook.

What role did Microsoft play in Altman’s firing?

Microsoft, a major stakeholder in OpenAI, saw a drop in stock value but affirmed its commitment to the partnership.

Who is Mira Murati, and why was she chosen as interim CEO?

Mira Murati, with a five-year tenure at OpenAI, brings a unique skill set, making her well-suited for the interim CEO role.

What is the future of ChatGPT amid these leadership changes?

The future of ChatGPT and OpenAI’s AI initiatives remains uncertain as the company undergoes leadership transitions.

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