Nyan Heroes announces the $NYAN token listing on Bybit and accompanying airdrop

Complete Missions In-Game and on Social Media to Earn $NYAN, the Multifunctional Nyan Universe Token and Key to Faster In-Game Progression

Nyan Heroes announces the $NYAN token listing on Bybit and accompanying airdrop

May 21, 2024 — Nyan Heroes, the team-based hero shooter featuring small cats piloting giant mechs, today announced the $NYAN token listing on Bybit, a top-three cryptocurrency exchange by volume with 20 million users, Gate.io, and HTX, and the details of the accompanying airdrop. To earn $NYAN in-game, players can complete weekly and daily missions, such as winning 10 matches or achieving 10 headshots. Additionally, fans can earn $NYAN through social media missions, such as following and engaging with official Nyan Heroes accounts and creating their own Nyan Heroes content.

Eligible participants can claim their tokens through the Nyan Heroes Claim portal on the official website by connecting their Solana wallet. Players can unlock an expanded pool of rewards by utilizing $NYAN to awaken, or mint, their guardians and gear. The $NYAN token can also be utilized for marketplace transaction fees, rental fees for in-game assets, competition entry fees, and players may lock their $NYAN in order to receive additional special access, privileges and rewards in addition to providing access to decentralized community governance. 

“Our $NYAN token is more than just a game token. It provides multifunctional utility in the Nyan universe, powering our entire platform, future titles, partnerships, and expansive IP.  This, combined with the $NYAN listing on Bybit, marks a major milestone in our vision of driving mainstream adoption of web3 games.  Be sure to suit up and complete your missions to make the most of this airdrop,” said Max Fu, Creative Director and CEO, of 9 Lives Interactive.

The Nyan Heroes Pre-Alpha: Ranked Mode demo is available in the Epic Games store through May 26th. During the first pre-alpha demo, Nyan heroes appeared in the Top 5 Most Wishlisted Games and Top 30 Most Played Games on the Epic Store. The game has been downloaded over 200,000 times, with 383,000 hours played and 35,000 daily active users, a rarity for a web3 game in pre-alpha. There are 1.3 million registered users in the Nyan Heroes community and 13.6 million missions have been completed to date.

Visit the airdrop claim page here to check eligibility. For more information on $NYAN tokenomics, click here. Nyan Heroes does not require a wallet to play and $NYAN does not provide an in-game competitive advantage. For more information on Nyan Heroes, visit the website here and follow on X here.

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