NFC Summit 2024 Lisboa: One ticket, Five events, One super festival

NFC Summit 2024 Lisboa: One ticket, Five events, One super festival

Calling all digital pioneers, artists, and innovators! The NFC Summit 2024 in Lisbon beckons you from May 28th to 30th for an unparalleled Web3 experience. This isn’t your ordinary conference; it’s a five-in-one super festival bursting with groundbreaking events, electrifying energy, and a chance to shape the future of digital culture.

Revolutionizing Web3 Events

NFC 2024 breaks the mold. Forget stuffy presentations and rigid schedules. This Lisbon-based festival is a vibrant melting pot, fostering connections between artists, collectors, investors, and visionaries. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just stepping into the Web3 world, NFC 2024 offers something for everyone.

Five Events, One Unforgettable Experience

Get ready to be amazed by a lineup unlike any other:

  • Non Fungible Conference (NFC): Mingle with industry leaders and delve into the latest trends in Web3 art, fashion, and gaming. Hear from renowned speakers like Robby Yung and Patrick Amadon.
  • MEMECON 2024: The world’s first meme conference! Celebrate meme culture in all its glory with hilarious talks, insightful discussions, and a chance to connect with fellow “degens.”
  • Ordinals Lisbon: Dive into the world of Ordinals and Runes as these communities take center stage in Lisbon. Network with experts like Trevor.btc and Taproot Wizzard.
  • R3D CARPET: Witness the future of cinema with the world’s first AI Movie Festival. Experience a captivating blend of AI fashion and cutting-edge film, all under the visionary direction of Clare Maguire and Leo Crane.
  • Off Moga: Unwind and celebrate with epic day and night beach parties featuring 20 DJs. Moga Festival curates these unforgettable bashes, powered by NFC and The Sandbox.

Lisbon: Your Gateway to the Web3 Future

The iconic Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Lisbon city center serves as the festival’s heart, while stunning after-parties take place on the beautiful Costa da Caparica beaches.

Sharpen Your Digital Edge at NFC 2024

The full program promises exciting announcements and surprise appearances. Stay tuned for updates by following NFC on Twitter. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, learn, and be a part of the Web3 revolution. Visit the NFC website for more information and secure your ticket today!


The NFC Summit 2024 in Lisbon isn’t just a conference; it’s a transformative festival. Here, the future of digital culture unfolds through groundbreaking events, industry leaders, and a vibrant community. Whether you’re an artist, investor, or simply curious about Web3, NFC 2024 offers a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and shape the digital landscape. Don’t miss this chance to be part of something extraordinary.



What is NFC 2024?

NFC 2024 is a five-in-one Web3 festival taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, from May 28th to 30th. It features conferences, exhibitions, parties, and networking opportunities focused on NFTs, meme culture, Ordinals, AI movies, and more.

Who should attend NFC 2024?

NFC 2024 caters to a wide audience, including artists, collectors, gamers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in the future of digital culture and Web3.

What are the five events happening at NFC 2024?

The five events include the Non Fungible Conference (NFC), MEMECON 2024, Ordinals Lisbon, R3D CARPET (AI Movie Festival), and Off Moga beach parties.

Where can I find more information about NFC 2024 and purchase tickets?

Visit the official NFC website for detailed information on speakers, events, and schedules. You can also purchase tickets through the website.

How can I stay updated on the latest announcements about NFC 2024?

Follow NFC on Twitter for fresh updates and exciting surprises about the program.

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