A New Voting on WhiteBIT Launchpad Starts on October 5

A New Voting on WhiteBIT Launchpad Starts on October 5

The WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange has officially announced the commencement of a voting campaign scheduled to commence on October 5th. In this instance, JovJou has been selected as the prime contender for listing on their platform. JovJou aims to bring about a transformative shift in real estate investment by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, making it accessible to a wider audience.

In August of this year, the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange took a pioneering step by launching the WhiteBIT Launchpad—a novel platform designed for voting on promising cryptocurrency projects. This Launchpad serves as the crypto industry’s equivalent of the conventional Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The primary objective of this platform is to identify cryptocurrency startups with innovative concepts, conduct voting for their inclusion on the exchange, and facilitate an early sale of their assets exclusively among the participants in the voting process.

The mechanics of Launchpad provide users of the exchange with the opportunity to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency market’s latest developments, granting them early access to the assets of emerging projects.

Any projects seeking to secure a listing through the WhiteBIT Launchpad undergo a meticulous evaluation by the exchange to ensure compliance with stringent security standards. In this instance, JovJou, a project dedicated to democratizing real estate investment through blockchain technology, has earned its place in the spotlight. JovJou streamlines property management, enabling users to commence their investment journey with as little as one square meter of real estate. The project also offers the potential for monthly rental income and flexibility in reinvestment strategies.

The voting process for JovJou is scheduled to kick off on October 5th. Under the auspices of the WhiteBIT Launchpad, JovJou will issue a total of 25,000,000 JovJou tokens. In the event of a successful vote, members of the Launchpad will immediately receive 20% of these new assets as part of the initial token distribution. The remaining 80% will be gradually distributed over a span of 12 months, commencing six months from the start.

To participate in the voting process, individuals must maintain a minimum holding of 200 WhiteBIT Coins (WBT). These holdings will be utilized to determine the size of the allocation in terms of USDT equivalence, which participants can use to cast their votes for the chosen asset. In essence, for voting and subsequent acquisition of project tokens, participants must have USDT in their primary balance. Further details are available via the provided link.

A timely reminder is in order: at the end of August, the inaugural voting for the Scamfari project took place on the WhiteBIT Launchpad. This debut event witnessed remarkable success, with 1,749 participants joining in, and an astonishing 99% of the tokens allocated on the Scamfari Launchpad being claimed in a mere eight minutes. Notably, individuals who voted for Scamfari and received the exclusive SoulBound token, “Kickstarter of the First Launchpad,” from WhiteBIT, stand to gain an additional allocation of up to +5% for their support in voting for the JovJou listing.

In sum, the WhiteBIT Launchpad empowers cryptocurrency enthusiasts to remain at the forefront of the industry by granting them early access to emerging assets in the market. It affords users the unique privilege of handpicking these assets, while also providing crypto projects with a reliable platform for their debut. Moreover, the exchange offers an array of benefits through the possession of WhiteBIT Coins (WBT), unlocking the full range of functionalities within the WhiteBIT ecosystem for its users.

WhiteBIT, hailing from Ukraine, is a major European centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2018. The exchange boasts an impressive offering of over 350 trading pairs, more than 270 digital assets, and support for over 10 fiat currencies. WhiteBIT proudly serves as an official partner to the Ukrainian national football team, FC Barcelona, and FACEIT. The primary mission of WhiteBIT is the widespread adoption of blockchain technology on a global scale.

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