Metable Joins Animoca Brands-backed Open Campus Accelerator

Metable Joins Animoca Brands-backed Open Campus Accelerator

Metable, an education-focused metaverse platform, today announced their place on the Open Campus Accelerator, or OC-X, an Animoca Brands-backed venture focusing on accelerating promising EdTech projects.

The accelerator program will see Metable given access to strategic opportunities and learnings from the best and brightest in the Web3 and Education sectors, alongside other carefully selected EdTech projects.

The admission to OC-X will also bring a commitment for the Metable metaverse platform to integrate the Open Campus ID infrastructure, a ‘Proof of Education‘ Soulbound Token (non-transferable NFT) that becomes a virtual representation of learners’ online personas. This integration will enable hundreds of thousands of established Open Campus ID holders to seamlessly enter the Metable platform, allowing them to maintain a fluid learning journey across the entire Open Campus portfolio of education projects, powered by the $EDU token.

“We’re privileged to be amongst the very few EdTech projects to be accepted onto the Open Campus Accelerator” said Metable co-founder, Alessandro Moretti. “Through the program, and our integration of the Open Campus ID, we hope to open our doors to thousands of new students who will benefit from Metable’s inclusion into the Open Campus ecosystem.”

“We’re excited to bring Metable into our ecosystem. Immersive learning experiences are crucial for empowering learners, especially as our world turns more digital.” Said Will Fan, Partner at Open Campus Accelerator. “This partnership is all about offering the most effective learning experiences that prepare everyone for the digital future.”

The OC-X program begins in June, with the Open Campus ID integration expected in Q3 this year.

The Beta launch of the Metable platform is open now, powered by the $MTBL token, currently undergoing public presale on the official Metable website.

About Metable

Metable is an innovative education-focused metaverse platform built to revolutionize education. Within Metable, anyone will have the opportunity to build their own school and start teaching millions of students around the world. Students will be able to learn everything they want from the best teachers, earning money as they study. Companies will be able to find and select the best profiles to be included in their staff. Investors will be able to do business by buying and renting land and buildings to those who want to teach. Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone within Metable can become the sole owner of lands, buildings and training courses.

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About Open Campus Accelerator

Open Campus is dedicated to building an open ecosystem that unites educators, learners, publishers, and co-publishers worldwide, with the ambitious goal of onboarding the next 100 million learners into Web3. Central to our initiative is a content tokenization engine that leverages blockchain technology to tokenize educational content from our partners. Notably, we’ve introduced a $10 million accelerator to support emerging edtech firms embracing the potential of Web3 technology.

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