LEGO Ventures into Fortnite Metaverse: Unleashing 1,200 Costumes and Epic Adventures

LEGO Ventures into Fortnite Metaverse: Unleashing 1,200 Costumes and Epic Adventures

The gaming world is in for a groundbreaking collaboration as LEGO steps into the Fortnite metaverse, bringing with it an array of 1,200 captivating costumes and an immersive gaming adventure. Scheduled for release on December 7, this unique partnership promises to redefine the gaming experience for millions of Fortnite enthusiasts.

LEGO’s Grand Entrance into the Fortnite Metaverse

In a move that has fans buzzing with anticipation, LEGO, the iconic plastic brick brand, has officially entered the Fortnite metaverse. The much-awaited update, v28.00, introduces an extensive collection of LEGO-themed costumes and exciting new emotes, elevating the gaming journey to unparalleled heights.

Crafting and Survival: The LEGO Fortnite Experience

Beyond just costumes and emotes, LEGO’s collaboration with Fortnite extends to the creation of an entirely new gaming experience. Enter the LEGO Fortnite crafting and survival game, an innovative addition that promises hours of imaginative gameplay. While specific details are shrouded in mystery, the prospect of merging LEGO’s creativity with Fortnite’s dynamic environment is nothing short of thrilling.

Unlocking Exclusive Content: Linking Epic Games and LEGO Accounts

To fully immerse themselves in the LEGO Fortnite adventure, players are encouraged to link their Epic Games and LEGO accounts. This simple step unlocks exclusive content, including the coveted Explorer Emilie Fortnite outfit and its LEGO style variant. These items will be readily available in players’ in-game Lockers upon the game’s release.

A Collaboration For the Creatives, Not Just Battle Royale Enthusiasts

Unlike conventional gaming collaborations that often focus on Battle Royale modes, the LEGO and Epic Games partnership prioritizes the creative aspect of Fortnite. The emphasis on creativity over competition brings a refreshing perspective to the gaming landscape, making it an exciting venture for both LEGO and Fortnite fans.

Building a Safe Metaverse: LEGO and Epic Games’ Shared Mission

This isn’t LEGO’s first step into the metaverse, following their 2022 announcement of a long-term collaboration with Epic Games. Both companies share a common goal: creating a secure online environment for children. With a focus on safety, privacy, and empowering users to control their digital experiences, LEGO and Epic Games are shaping a metaverse that aligns with family values.

Rating and Launch Details: What to Expect on December 7

Rated E10+ by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), LEGO Fortnite is gearing up for a monumental launch inside Fortnite. As the excitement builds, players can anticipate an enchanting journey into a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Following the LEGO Fortnite Adventure

For those eager to stay updated on the unfolding LEGO Fortnite saga, the journey begins at Brace yourselves for an odyssey through creativity and innovation within the Fortnite metaverse.

Lego and Fortnite Confirm their Metaverse Collaboration

About LEGO Group

The LEGO Group’s mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through the power of play. Founded in 1932 in Billund, Denmark, by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the company derives its name from the Danish words “LEg GOdt,” meaning “Play Well.” Remaining a family-owned company, the LEGO Group’s products are now enjoyed in more than 130 countries globally.


As LEGO integrates into the Fortnite metaverse, a new era of gaming emerges—one that celebrates creativity, collaboration, and boundless imagination. The synergy between LEGO and Fortnite promises an unparalleled gaming experience, inviting players to embark on a journey where every brick and emote tells a story. December 7, 2023, marks the beginning of a captivating adventure, where the realms of LEGO and Fortnite unite in an immersive tapestry of fun and innovation.


What is the release date for LEGO Fortnite within the Fortnite metaverse?

LEGO Fortnite is set to launch on December 7, 2023.

How can I unlock exclusive content for LEGO Fortnite?

Linking your Epic Games and LEGO accounts is the key to unlocking exclusive content, including the Explorer Emilie Fortnite outfit and its LEGO style variant.

What age group is LEGO Fortnite suitable for?

LEGO Fortnite is rated E10+ by the ESRB, making it suitable for players aged 10 and above.

What distinguishes the LEGO and Epic Games collaboration from other gaming partnerships?

Unlike conventional collaborations, LEGO and Epic Games focus on the creative aspect of Fortnite, prioritizing imagination over competition.

Where can I stay updated on the LEGO Fortnite adventure?

Follow the unfolding LEGO Fortnite saga at for the latest updates and insights into this groundbreaking collaboration.

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