Jack Dorsey’s Vision: Empowering Bitcoin Miners Through Anticensorship Mining

Jack Dorsey's Vision: Empowering Bitcoin Miners Through Anticensorship Mining

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Jack Dorsey, renowned developer and co-founder of Twitter, is making waves with his latest venture into Bitcoin mining. Through his Bitcoin-focused startup, Mummolin, Dorsey, alongside strategic partners like Accomplice, Barefoot Bitcoin Fund, and MoonKite, successfully secured a significant initial funding of $6.2 million.

Funding the Future

Mummolin’s primary goal is to grant miners control over network block rewards and transaction fees. This initial capital injection will fuel the establishment of a decentralized mining group called OCEAN. What sets OCEAN apart is its non-custodial nature, ensuring direct payment of block rewards to miners without the interference of a centralized entity, distinguishing it from existing groups.

Luke Dashjr, central Bitcoin developer and Mummolin co-founder, emphasized, “We’re starting as the most transparent group and the only custodian-free group where miners receive new block rewards directly from Bitcoin.”

OCEAN: A Decentralized Mining Venture

Traditional Bitcoin mining pools often act as centralized entities, holding and distributing network rewards among miners. Mark Artymko, co-founder and president of Mummolin, noted, “This gives them the possibility to withhold payment to individual miners, either by choice or legal demand.” OCEAN’s non-custodial payments directly to miners eliminate this risk and undue influence on miners.

OCEAN has garnered praise on various social media platforms for its inherent decentralization, as Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, commented, “It’s a mining pool with more built-in decentralization from its core, which in my opinion is good for the Bitcoin network.”

Luke Dashjr’s Perspective

Dashjr clarified that OCEAN is essentially a reboot of his previous zero-fee Eligius pool with updated code. The old code has been tested and upgraded to support the latest Bitcoin addresses and mining machines. Barefoot Mining is OCEAN’s first client, with additional phases of decentralization improvements and updates slated for 2024.

Bitcoin and Censorship

OCEAN’s launch comes at a time when established mining groups face controversy for censoring certain transactions. The recent F2Pool controversy, the third-largest Bitcoin mining pool, stirred public anger after reports suggested it might be censoring transactions from a government-sanctioned address.

“OCEAN is addressing a problem for Bitcoiners that I think we all feel: increased centralization of mining pools that could impact Bitcoin and jeopardize many of its appreciated attributes,” said Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey’s Motivation

Dorsey’s motivation stems from concerns about centralization risks in mining, with OCEAN poised to resolve issues faced by Bitcoiners. By providing a transparent and non-custodial platform, OCEAN aims to protect the fundamental attributes of Bitcoin.

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Unveiling OCEAN: A Paradigm Shift in Mining Mastery

In the realm of mining intelligence, OCEAN stands as the vanguard, endowing miners with the reins to reclaim dominion over the cerebral facets of their craft. Meticulously crafted to embody non-custodial, transparent, and permissionless attributes, OCEAN represents the inaugural venture under the aegis of Mummolin, Inc., a Wyoming-based entity. Noteworthy is its lineage, tracing its roots to the distinguished Eligius Bitcoin mining pool, an operative force from 2011 to 2017.

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In conclusion, OCEAN’s emergence marks a significant step toward decentralizing Bitcoin mining, countering the centralization risks posed by traditional pools. Dorsey’s vision aligns with the principles of Bitcoin, emphasizing transparency, security, and resistance to censorship.


How does OCEAN differ from traditional mining pools?

OCEAN distinguishes itself by being a non-custodial mining group, ensuring direct payment of block rewards to miners without central entity interference.

What are the potential benefits of OCEAN’s approach?

OCEAN’s approach eliminates risks associated with centralized control, promoting transparency, and safeguarding miners’ interests.

How can miners join the OCEAN mining group?

Miners can join OCEAN by following the outlined procedures on the platform, ensuring adherence to its principles of decentralization.

What improvements does OCEAN plan to implement in 2024?

OCEAN aims to implement additional phases of improvements and updates, focusing on enhancing decentralization within the Bitcoin network.

How does OCEAN contribute to Bitcoin’s resistance to censorship?

OCEAN plays a crucial role in preserving Bitcoin’s resistance to censorship by providing a decentralized platform that prioritizes transparency and miner autonomy.

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