Google Launches Duet AI: The Artificial Intelligence That Could Replace You in Meetings

Google Launches Duet AI: The Artificial Intelligence That Could Replace You in Meetings

Google recently launched Duet AI, a set of artificial intelligence features designed to enhance productivity and collaboration in Google Workspace. One of the most striking capabilities is that Duet AI can take notes at meetings on your behalf.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Duet AI’s capabilities and how this virtual AI assistant aims to facilitate teamwork and everyday tasks in Workspace.

What is Google’s Duet AI?

Duet AI is a package of features powered by artificial intelligence that integrates into Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet and more.

It offers capabilities such as:

  • Automatically summarizing emails and documents
  • Taking notes at meetings and generating summaries
  • Transcribing conversations in real time
  • Making contextual and personalized recommendations
  • Improving audio and video on video calls
  • Chatting in natural language to get help with content

Duet AI leverages natural language processing and machine learning to assist Workspace users in a personalized way.

Main Features to Boost Productivity

Some of Duet AI’s most useful features for streamlining workflows include:

Intelligent Summaries

Duet AI can analyze large amounts of content and generate concise summaries in seconds. This helps process emails and documents quickly.

Real-Time Transcriptions

Meetings and calls are automatically transcribed so you can search and review conversations. They are translated into 18 languages.

Note and Action Generation

Duet AI captures key ideas, tasks, and highlights from a meeting so you don’t miss important details.

Contextual Recommendations

Get personalized suggestions on relevant people to contact or files to share based on your content.

Smart Scheduling

Duet AI can analyze calendars and emails to propose meeting times that work for all invitees.

Enhancements in Meet Video Calls

Duet AI also brings specific innovations for Meet, Workspace’s video conferencing tool:

Video Filters

Apply lighting and focus effects to enhance your on-camera appearance during calls.

Noise Cancellation

Reduces ambient noise to improve audio clarity and avoid distractions.

Data Saver Mode

Optimizes Internet usage to prevent congestion on slow connections.

Live Captions

Real-time captions help meeting participants with hearing difficulties follow along.

Workspace | Google I/O 2023

Availability and Pricing of Duet AI

Duet AI is available now for all Google Workspace business accounts via an additional per user monthly fee.

Current plans and pricing are:

  • Business Starter: No access to Duet AI
  • Business Standard: $30 USD per user / month
  • Business Plus: $30 USD per user / month

A more limited free version is expected to be available soon. Businesses can test Duet AI for free for an initial period.

More info: Google

Conclusion – The Future of Collaborative AI

Duet AI represents a promising evolution in how artificial intelligence can streamline work tasks and enhance team collaboration.

With features like automatic note and transcript generation, Duet AI frees up workers from drudgery to focus on more strategic work.

While it still faces accuracy limitations, rapid progress in language models anticipates a future where AI assistants like Duet become indispensable collaborators that augment human productivity.

With its invisible integration into Workspace, Google has taken a step forward towards that reality of ubiquitous AI. By democratizing these capabilities in everyday tools, Duet AI enables any team to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence in a simple and accessible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Google apps does Duet AI integrate with?

Gmail, Chat, Drive, Docs, Meet, Calendar, and more. It activates across all of Workspace.

How does Duet AI gain access to meetings and content?

It requires a workspace admin to enable the service by subscription.

Can Duet AI fully replace a human assistant?

Not yet. But it can automate many simple tasks so humans can focus on more strategic work.

Can Duet AI access confidential info in Workspace?

Google claims Duet AI applies strict security and privacy controls.

How much does using Duet AI cost?

Currently it has an additional cost of $30 per user month for business accounts.

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