3iQ Corp. opens its Metaverse Headquarters at Voxels


3iQ Corp (3iQ), Canada’s largest digital asset fund manager, unveiled its new virtual headquarters (HQ) located in the Voxels metaverse (formerly known as Cryptovoxels).

3iQ Corp. is a Canadian-based digital asset management firm that helps investors navigate and understand the evolving digital asset space with investment solutions that provide exposure to cryptocurrencies.” It was the first Canadian fund manager to offer a public bitcoin investment fund and a public Ether fund, and currently has assets worth more than C$2.5 billion under management.

3iQ’s metaverse headquarters is located in Rome, one of the oldest cities in the Voxels metaverse, on a waterfront plot of land. The sleek, modern building is designed to represent the 3iQ brand and provide a space in the metaverse for sharing research and knowledge to educate visitors on the latest innovations in digital assets. The headquarters will also serve as a place for employees to meet, host webinars and events in the metaverse.

“At 3iQ, we believe that blockchain will not only serve as the future of finance, but is the next iteration of the Internet. This announcement is akin to having a website in the early 1990s,” said Fred Pye, CEO of 3iQ. “Being the first regulated digital asset mutual fund manager in Canada, we are thrilled to continue that tradition of innovation and be one of the first fund managers to expand our presence in the metaverse. This move further demonstrates our commitment to making it easier for investors to benefit from the financial evolution to blockchain technology.”

Why a Voxels headquarters?

As we move into an era where Web 3 begins to replace Web 2 (and aren’t we all glad that’s happening?) and where the metaverse begins to take hold as a place to be, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to establish a presence in this new, immersive digital world. That is, the world of Web 3.

Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, it is growing at an exponential rate and is fast becoming the destination for social interaction, entertainment and commerce. Establishing a presence in the metaverse now will give companies an edge over the competition as the metaverse continues to evolve.

There are several reasons why having a presence in the metaverse is so important. First, it allows companies to establish direct relationships with their customers. In the metaverse, customers can interact with brands in a more personal way, and companies can use this interaction to better understand their needs and wants.

Second, a presence in the metaverse allows companies to reach new markets. The metaverse is global, and companies that establish themselves in it early on will be able to access new customer bases they never had access to before.

Finally, being present in the metaverse offers companies the opportunity to create entirely new experiences for their customers. With the right team and a creative vision, companies can build metaverse experiences that are unlike anything that exists in the physical world. Or, for that matter, in the Web 2 world either.

Inside 3iQ’s metaverse headquarters

The metaverse headquarters contains a video of Fred Pye introducing the space and welcoming visitors to experience its unique features, which include.

  • Live market data.
  • A signable guestbook with Ethereum wallets.
  • Wearables that visitors can try out – including a rocket pack that takes you to the moon!
  • Exhibition of the NFT collection.
  • Rooftop pool, elevators and lounge areas.
  • Displays with up-to-date information on 3iQ products.

3iQ invites the media and the general public to visit its HQ metaverse at Rome, the city of origin.

You will find their headquarters on this plot, starting today, at 1pm EDT | 5pm UTC.

For more information about 3iQ:

Visit us at 3iQ.ca

Metaverse HQ: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=S@203W,469N

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