3 Festivals in a Single Weekend on Art and New Technologies in Lugano in the Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

3 Festivals in a Single Weekend on Art and New Technologies in Lugano in the Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

Lugano, Switzerland, June 12th, 2024 – This year, Lugano triples the offer of festivals linked to new technologies. After the experiences of past years, the time had come to provide some vertical content for the different communities and the different interests linked to the world of digital avant-garde.

Background of Lugano Digital Weekend

Lugano has a history of embracing digital innovation, and the Lugano Digital Weekend is a testament to this forward-thinking attitude. Past events have set the stage for this year’s expanded offerings, showcasing the city’s commitment to being at the forefront of digital and technological advancements.

NFT Fest

NFT Fest is a celebration of everything related to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This festival caters to Web3 communities and fans of NFTs in all their forms. Attendees can expect:

  • Key Attractions: Exclusive NFT art displays, interactive sessions with creators, and workshops on NFT minting and trading.
  • Target Audience: Artists, collectors, blockchain enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the future of digital art and ownership.


TECH Fest focuses on the latest technological innovations, start-ups, and investment opportunities. This event will feature:

  • Major Highlights: Demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, networking opportunities with investors, and pitch sessions for start-ups.
  • Audience and Participants: Entrepreneurs, tech investors, industry experts, and tech enthusiasts.

WUF (We Understand the Future)

WUF is dedicated to exploring new art forms linked to the latest technologies. This unique format will include:

  • Introduction to WUF: Discussions on the intersection of technology and art, and presentations by avant-garde artists.
  • Unique Features: Live performances, interactive installations, and panels on the future of digital art.
  • Audience Engagement: Artists, tech creatives, and anyone interested in the fusion of art and technology.

Collaboration with FFS and Lugano Living Lab

The collaboration with FFS (Swiss Federal Railways) and Lugano Living Lab (the city’s digital laboratory) ensures that this event is accessible and innovative. Benefits include:

  • Role of FFS and Lugano Living Lab: Providing logistical support and technological infrastructure.
  • Benefits of the Collaboration: Free public transport for ticket holders within the Arcobaleno fare community, promoting sustainable travel.

Event Logistics

The festivals will take place on June 14 and 15, 2024. Key locations include the town hall and Piazza della Riforma, Lugano’s main city square. This central hub will host keynotes, podcasts, and various discussions.

Transport and Accessibility

Participants can enjoy free public transport within the Arcobaleno fare community, thanks to their event tickets. This makes it easy to navigate Lugano and its surroundings during the festivals.

Event Schedule

  • Friday, June 14, 2024:
    • 10:00 AM: Lugano Incubator event for start-ups and investors.
    • 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM: Various speeches and sessions on new technologies and investments at the Main Stage and Podcast Lounge.
    • 8:00 PM: ALL-Star Gala Dinner.
  • Saturday, June 15, 2024:
    • 10:00 AM: Exclusive event by the Municipality of Lugano and blockchain foundations.
    • 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM: Speeches on NFTs, art, gaming, and new technologies.
    • 12:30 PM: Institutional VC Lunch.
    • 7:00 PM: Bored Lugano Party.
    • 11:00 PM: Rarity Party at Casino Lugano.

Keynote Speakers and Influencers

Prominent speakers from various industries will share their insights, including:

  • Key Topics: Innovations in technology, the future of NFTs, the intersection of art and technology, and investment opportunities.
  • Influencers: Leading figures in tech, art, and blockchain communities.

Side Events and Activities

In addition to the main events, dozens of side events will take place across the city. These activities will offer additional opportunities for learning, networking, and entertainment, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere throughout Lugano.

Citywide Celebrations

Lugano will be buzzing with activity, offering a Mediterranean climate, picturesque lakeside views, and a welcoming environment. The local community’s involvement enhances the festive atmosphere, making it a memorable weekend for all attendees.

Strategic Initiatives and Innovations

The city will showcase several strategic initiatives aimed at fostering technological innovation. These include:

  • Support for Start-ups: Initiatives to attract and support tech start-ups, including financial incentives and incubator programs.
  • New Technological Initiatives: Announcements of upcoming projects and collaborations aimed at cementing Lugano’s position as a tech hub.

Testimonials and Quotes

Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, states, “The courage demonstrated several times by the city of Lugano inspires new initiatives on technological innovation and artistic avant-garde in the digital world. We are proud to involve more and more people in our territory, which today is talked about in the world.”

Roberto Gorini, organizer of NFT Fest and TECH Fest, adds, “Lugano demonstrates once again that it firmly believes in new technologies and in the ecosystem that this industry brings. In fact, we remember that Lugano was the first city in the world to equip itself with its own cryptocurrency for payments, its own wallet, its own confederated and institutional blockchain, several incubators for start-ups, and various training courses dedicated to companies, individuals, and the world of business.”


The Lugano Digital Weekend, featuring NFT Fest, TECH Fest, and WUF, is set to be a landmark event in the world of art and new technologies. This weekend promises to offer something for everyone, from tech enthusiasts and investors to artists and digital creatives. With a combination of insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and citywide celebrations, Lugano is poised to become a focal point of innovation and creativity.


How can I book tickets for the events?

Tickets can be booked at www.nft-fest.com. The ticket also serves as a public transport pass within the Arcobaleno fare community.

What is the best way to travel to Lugano for the festivals?

Public transport is highly recommended. Thanks to the collaboration with FFS, event tickets also cover public transport within Ticino.

Are there any accommodation options near the event venues?

Yes, Lugano offers a range of accommodation options from luxury hotels to budget-friendly stays, all within close proximity to the event venues.

Can I participate in multiple events?

Absolutely. Your ticket grants you access to all the events across the Lugano Digital Weekend, allowing you to explore NFT Fest, TECH Fest, and WUF.

What safety measures are in place for the events?

The organizers are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all attendees. Measures include enhanced cleaning protocols, availability of sanitization stations, and adherence to local health guidelines.

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